ELLE India The Art Issue: Editor’s Note


Is art supposed to make you feel seen and heard, or is it meant to make you feel uncomfortable and challenge you? We pondered this question while curating ELLE’s art issue. Although a definite answer eluded us (like we expected), our journey led us to engaging conversations with people from around the world, captivating images, and a deeper exploration of the multifaceted nature of artistic expression.

Our fashion trend pages draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of art. From Raja Ravi Varma’s mythological paintings to Amrita Sher-Gil’s exploration of identity and femininity, our pages have something for everyone. We spoke with multidisciplinary artist Akshaya Pillai, who shared insights into her process of creating art from everyday objects. Additionally, we took a peek inside India’s first pop art gallery run by Amrita Deora.

Our cover star, Taapsee Pannu, discusses her approach to cinema and the importance of viewing things from different perspectives to enhance her craft. “I thoroughly enjoy the process of getting to live so many lives. I get to view things from another character’s perspective. And I like seeing that story as an output on screen. I enjoy the fact that we’ve been able to create a world from just words and pure imagination,” she shares.

In our fashion pages, we feature the stunning Jessica Alba, who, amidst her acting career and entrepreneurial journey, advocates for embracing natural imperfections to challenge beauty standards. “The modern standards of beauty are often unrealistic, influenced by years of conditioning that success is only achievable if you look flawless or attractive. I feel now it’s cool to embrace natural imperfections, like a shiny nose or dark circles under the eyes,” she says. From exploring beauty brands that integrate visual art into their brand narratives to interviewing Olivier Cresp, the perfumer behind Dolce & Gabbana’s new fragrance, Devotion, the issue offers a comprehensive overview of all that’s new and noteworthy this season in the world of beauty.

As you immerse yourself in ELLE’s artistic world, don’t forget to stay tuned to our digital platforms –we’ve got our finger on the pulse of everything that’s exciting.

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- Editor In Chief


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