ELLE Exclusive: Shanaya Kapoor On Her Summer Skincare Essentials


Ah, summer’s fully here and how! Cue the beach trips and sweaty selfies. But along with the heat comes the need for a skincare switch-up. Say bye-bye to heavy creams and hello to lightweight serums! They’re like the skincare superheroes we need right now swooping in to save our skin from the scorching sun.

And guess what? We got the lowdown from none other than the brand new face of Dot & Key, Shanaya Kapoor! In an exclusive chat with ELLE, she spills the tea on all her summer skincare secrets, because glowing skin is always in.

ELLE: With summer around the corner, what are your top skincare tips for keeping your skin healthy and glowing in the heat?

Shanaya: Hydration, Hydration & Hydration! Trust me, it works for real. Not only do I drink a lot of water but also apply moisturiser on slightly damp skin. Makes my skin extra soft. I never go out without applying sunscreen & also keep one handy for quick re-application. To top it off, eat lots of fresh fruits like watermelon, oranges, strawberries, etc. for glowing skin from within.

ELLE: As someone constantly in the limelight, how do you ensure your skincare routine adapts to different seasons, especially during the summer months?

Shanaya: I make sure to follow a simple yet effective skincare routine of cleansing, toning, moisturising & sunscreen instead of following a long 10-step skincare routine. It always works for my skin, irrespective of the season.

ELLE: Tell us about a skincare product or routine that has become your go-to during summer travels or outdoor shoots.

Shanaya: Sunstick! You have to try it. It has made sunscreen reapplication so easy. Apart from that, you’ll always find a lip balm in my bag as I love my lips moisturised & plump all day long.

ELLE: Can you share a memorable skincare tip or trick you’ve picked up from a makeup artist or a peer that you’ve always held on to?

Shanaya: First, I have learnt that moisturising my skin before makeup makes the makeup sit well & it also lasts longer. Second, I never go to bed without taking off my makeup. A small tip- double cleanse your skin to get rid of all the dirt, oil & makeup and see how your skin loves you back.

ELLE: As the new face of Dot & Key, how does it feel to represent a brand that emphasises natural ingredients and skincare innovation, especially during the summer when our skin needs extra care?

Shanaya: It feels amazing! I love how Dot & Key’s products have seamlessly integrated into my daily skincare routine. As someone who has always incorporated homemade fruit treatments into my skincare regime, Dot & Key’s fruit-infused products have made my routine hassle-free and effective.

ELLE: If we asked you to pick your top 3 skincare essentials, what would they be?

Shanaya: Currently, I am absolutely enjoying using Dot & Key Vitamin C + E Moisturizer. It is super lightweight, comes with Triple Vitamin C & gives my skin a beautiful glow. Apart from that, Dot & Key Vitamin C + E Sunscreen is my favourite as it comes with SPF 50+ PA++++ coupled with a water-light fluid texture that absorbs in no time. Plus, I am always carrying a lip balm that comes with SPF too.

ELLE: One beauty thing you’ve done before but will never do again?

Shanaya: Physical exfoliation! It makes my skin dry & eventually gives me acne breakouts. Definitely, not going down that road again.

ELLE: Any skincare ingredients you’ve discovered lately that you’ve added to your routine and loved it?

Shanaya: I am in love with ceramide! It takes care of skin barrier & keeps my skin healthy. I have added it to my skincare routine in the form of moisturiser & cleanser because I believe healthy skin is always happy skin.

- Intern, Elle India

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