ELLE Graduates 2023: A Preview of the Talented Nominees

elle graduates 2023

Embark on a stylish journey at Istituto Marangoni on December 16th for ELLE Graduates 2023. This annual event is a celebration of India’s emerging designers, offering them a platform to showcase their talent. Besides drawing attention to their labels, ELLE Graduates also provides valuable insights from industry leaders about creating a label, marketing it, and more.

Expect a blend of tradition and contemporary flair as the nominees take centre stage. ELLE Graduates 2023 promises a sophisticated exploration of the world of fashion, where creativity knows no bounds.

Join us for an evening that embraces the essence of style and innovation.

Designer of the Year: Fashion Accessories & Jewellery


ESKAE unveils a diverse array of silver jewellery, boasting distinctive designs and thematic inspirations. With a focus on an edgy and grungy aesthetic, the collection highlights urban accessories that exude boldness. The fusion of eccentric fantasy elements gives rise to a visually striking and one-of-a-kind range of jewellery.

Econock Studio

Econock features upcycled leather pieces inspired by kintsugi, underscoring a commitment to sustainability. The collection blends archival armoured silhouettes for a fusion of fashion and functionality. Inclusive corsets make a bold statement, complemented by gender-neutral harnesses and modular bags for versatile options. Utilising leather scraps for jewellery highlights creative resource usage. 

Saim India

This brand effortlessly marries the edginess of modern street style with the timeless charm of traditional ethnic aesthetics. Elevating your fashion game, we bring you an exclusive collection of chic drawstring topis (caps) and statement-finged bags designed to amplify your urban streetwear vibe.

Studio Viange

Studio Viange ingeniously transforms costume jewellery into everyday wear essentials, with a spotlight on vintage-inspired designs for rings, bracelets, and brooches. Effortlessly marrying the essence of history with contemporary fashion, the brand delivers accessible elegance through its collection of timeless pieces.


EJAA's collection showcases intricately crafted silver pieces inspired by Kumaoni culture. The assortment includes gender-neutral statement necklaces featuring traditional Pahadi motifs, lightweight silver bangles adorned with regional patterns, and elegantly designed earrings that embody a fusion of heritage and contemporary aesthetics.

Designer of the Year: Sustainable Wear

MEKO Studio

This label presents sustainably crafted knitwear ensembles skillfully made by female artisans in both Manali and Delhi. Drawing inspiration from nature, the perennial designs feature intricate details such as ruffles and impeccably tailored garments, creating a harmonious blend of eco-conscious fashion.

Ananya The Label

This designer carefully selects materials like organic cotton denim, recycled cotton mul, and kala cotton twill to craft pieces. Inspired by core values of self-love and nature, the unique motifs in each piece reflect a quiet celebration of sustainability and individuality.

Sonam Khetan

This Paris and New Delhi-based brand creates handcrafted, contemporary garments from specially designed fabrics, inspired by ancient cultures and contemporary art. They collaborate with NGOs to empower communities and add a personal touch to each garment by embroidering individual names. A celebration of cultural diversity and global creativity.

Coral by Seema

Coral by Seema follows eco-friendly practices, placing a strong emphasis on responsible methods such as limited eco-printing, natural dyeing, and efficient material utilization to reduce waste. The clothes possess a gentle bohemian charm, adding a subtle allure to your wardrobe. The brand's commitment to sustainability is reflected in the thoughtful processes with a touch of bohemian elegance.


BANANA Labs by SILKWAVES, co-founded by Nuzhat and Mariyam Khatri is committed to the preservation of Indian handcrafts. Their garments seamlessly weave together art, culture, and sustainability. Picture oversized silhouettes, subtle colour blocking, and an urban allure that subtly defines the distinct charm of their creations.

Designer of the Year: Women’s Ready To Wear (Indian)

Shriya Khanna

This Delhi-based luxury pret brand uses new-age technology to create innovative textiles. Their designs feature azure tones, florals, unique cuts, gradients, lace, and organza. The designer launched her eponymous label at Lakme Fashion Week 2022 after being recognized by the Gennext program by FDCI x LFW. 

Swatti Kapoor

This brand blends culture and innovation for a unique fashion experience. It values sustainability and the creation process. Using handwoven textiles and artisanal techniques to encapsulate local charm.

Ishan Naresh

This Indian fashion label embodies the nation's rich cultural heritage. With a commitment to preserving and celebrating India's diverse traditions, the brand serves as a cultural ambassador. Fusing traditional styles with contemporary flair, prioritising sustainability and ethical practises.


Tārō, a Jaipur-based brand, represents ethical design in the realm of ethnic and Indian wear. Committed to making clothing more sustainable, it is a loom-made, creative lifestyle brand. Tārō strives to uniquely blend sustainability with style aesthetics, standing out with its ethical practises in the industry.


Established in 2022, Til, an Indian clothing label, builds meaningful connections through an array of stories, passions, and traditions. Their timeless and effortless ensembles capture vivid colour prints and textures, infusing simplicity, comfort, and poise into every creation.

Designer of the Year: Men’s Wear

Perte D’ego

Perte Dego, a luxury menswear brand in New Delhi, creates unique, sustainable pieces with traditional artisan techniques. Handcrafted in limited quantities, each piece showcases meticulous craftsmanship, including hand dyeing, cut-work, appliqué, and hand embroideries.


RAFU'D efficiently blends India's rich textile heritage with contemporary fashion, creating each piece as a canvas that reimagines ancestral artistry with a modern touch. Prioritizing environmental impact, the brand collaborates with artisans and employs eco-friendly fabrics. Celebrating prints, colours, and cultural iconography, RAFU'D presents a narrative that bridges the past and present in a timeless manner.

Whencut Goddamn

Whencut Goddamn transforms fashion into 'Wearable Art' with garments celebrating life through rich hues and artistic passion. The brand blends luminous paintings with vintage detailing, offering unique pieces in luxurious materials. The brand's empowering themes of self-love and resilience create a distinctive and statement-worthy style.


Mumbai-based menswear design house prioritises art, colour, and inclusivity. Intertwining street culture and social issues, they create functional and fun apparel, aiming to entertain and educate art enthusiasts while remaining true to men's wear construction and occasionally breaking conventional rules.


Fetus is a narrative-driven streetwear brand that captures the essence of culture, and technology. Founded on identity and nonconformity, its minimalistic yet strong brand language is embodied in limited-edition garments inspired by fictional adventures.


This brand epitomises elegance and perfection. Pushing design boundaries, it reinvents classics with patterns and contemporary concepts inspired by rock and roll. The aesthetic caters to millennials and Gen Z, offering uniquely designed pieces for various occasions. The designs are authentic, edgy, and timeless, displaying vintage and chic elements. The commitment to detail and perfection is evident in each garment.


IMWIP defines enduring style, offering meticulously curated, timeless apparel with elevated comfort. Beyond fabric, it fosters a community as a vibrant "Work In Progress" nexus. Through events and collaborations, it cultivates a forum for continuous personal growth. The brand embodies understated sophistication, valuing craftsmanship and a mindful, eco-friendly perspective on fashion. 


Vulgar was born from the desire to break free. Founded just before the 2020 lockdown, it pushes fashion boundaries with a dedicated team. Embracing fluidity and body inclusivity, Vulgar challenges traditional norms in design, fabric choice, and brand representation. It strives to be a global brand with progressive ideologies, emphasising courage and the right intent.

Designer of the Year: Women’s Ready To Wear (Western)


CILVR is a premium Indian womenswear brand that represents modern minimalism, futurism and fashion-forwardness. With a focus on innovative materials and refined tailoring, each garment is handcrafted with exceptional attention to detail.

Nikhil Kolhe

The brand rejects minimalism and champions boldness. Their clothes demand attention and redefine luxury with a maximalist identity that stands unmatched and aims to break conventional sartorial boxes. 


Divouture blends Renaissance art and mid-1900s silhouettes that challenge conventional notions of delicacy. The collection emphasises both style and comfort, encouraging self-empowerment and redefining the narrative around delicate elements like pearls and structured silhouettes like pleats.

Mini Sondhi

Mini Sondhi is a fashion brand that fuses art, heritage, and contemporary style to create structured silhouettes that make bold artistic statements. It's designed for free-spirited, modern individuals who celebrate art in every form.


Chirumamilla epitomises versatility and resilience, seamlessly intertwining traditional attire and flowing dresses with indigenous elements. The brand crafts ultra-modern silhouettes featuring intricate embroidery, vibrant hues, and mesmerising mirror work, offering a distinctive fusion of textile play.


Roology's unique selling point is its expert silhouette manipulation, be it billowy ensembles or narrow cut-outs. Their meticulously crafted pieces challenge symmetrical norms while preserving the essence of familiar garments. Each garment celebrates individuality and embraces abstract design.

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