ELLE India The Sustainability Issue: Editor’s Note

In today’s world, the idea of sustainability carries profound significance. With an increasing emphasis on environmental consciousness, we find ourselves surrounded by brands and individuals proclaiming sustainability. However, it is crucial for us, as consumers, to not just accept these claims at face value. The rise of greenwashing, a regrettable consequence of the sustainability movement, underscores the need for our vigilance and active opposition. By scrutinising these claims and making mindful choices we can truly vote with our wallet.

As the ELLE Sustainability Awards embarks on its second edition, our mission remains resolute: to spark conversations and drive progress towards a greener future. Each issue we publish, every iteration of our awards, and every recipient we honour are significant milestones in our journey towards a more sustainable world. This year’s lineup of awardees, hailing from the rural heartlands of India to the glamorous realms of Bollywood, are all united in their commitment to embracing sustainable practices and fostering awareness. Explore the esteemed list of our winners (some of whom are personal favourites) and delve into their ethos and endeavours. 

Within the overarching theme of sustainability, we present a compendium of trends, interviews, and dialogues poised to spark meaningful conversations. Our cover star, Khushi Kapoor, epitomises her generation’s ethos of prioritising planetary well-being through her sartorial choices. “I visited a few thrift stores and vintage shops in the US when I lived there briefly. Somehow, that has inspired my fashion choices. I think you can wear the same dress a hundred times and make it look different with accessories,” she shares.

We also profile the remarkable Bhumi Pednekar, a vocal advocate who seamlessly translates her advocacy into action. For Pednekar, sustainability is not just a talking point but a personal imperative. “I was very young when I first learned about climate change, anditusedtocausemealotof anxiety,” she recalls. For those who’d like to join her on this journey, Pednekar suggests that having the right intention is a win in itself. “It helps to find like-minded people who are working on any cause you believe in and to join hands with them. It is not about how many people you impact— even if you can make a change in yourself, it is enough because change, indeed, begins at an individual level.”

Our fashion trend pages offer a curated selection of sustainable brands, from grassroots initiatives to luxury labels. Additionally, this issue celebrates a cornerstone of our endeavours this year: The ELLE Impact series. Launched in March, ELLE Impact is a testament to the indomitable spirit of women reshaping industries and redefining success on their terms. Turn to page 89 to discover their remarkable journeys.

As you peruse this issue, I invite you to join us on our quest towards a greener future.

Find ELLE’s latest issue on stands or download your digital copy here.

- Editor In Chief


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