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5 High School Dramas That Go Beyond The Stereotypes And Focus On Real Issues 

If you are a fan of high school flicks, and want to watch one again, without the toxic stereotypes, we’ve got you the perfect list

By Ainee Nizami Ahmedi  November 12th, 2021

If you grew up in the ’90s, high school series and movies were probably a huge part of your binge-watch diet. From That’s So Raven to Mean Girls, we enjoyed a mix of teenage friendships, cheerleader tryouts, football matches, and not to forget the fight for the prom king and queen title. In hindsight, all it did was reiterate the idea that the way you looked was the most important thing in life, female friendships were nothing but toxic, and if you didn’t get a perfect boyfriend/girlfriend in high school, you might as well drop out. It’s 2021, and we all call bull on the toxic perception that teenager dramas played upon.

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Thankfully high school movies still exist (come on, we all need them); however, people have gotten the memo that we need to put out a better messaging with these films. If you are a fan of high school flicks and want to watch one again without the toxic stereotypes, we’ve got you the perfect list. Less toxic fights and more heartwarming, relatable relationships; we are all for it.

  1. Alexa & Katie

Netflix's Alexa And Katie Is Feminist Tween Friendship

The Netflix series follows the story of Alexa, who is battling cancer while trying to balance her high school life, her family and friends. Her friend, Katie, is by her side, helping her fight whatever comes her way. The series got an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Program and earned Television Academy Honors.

Where to watch: Netflix

2. Young Royals

Young Royals Cast Netflix - Ages, Partners - 2021

The Swedish teen drama revolves around Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and his life at the fictional elite boarding school, Hillerska. The six-episode series touches upon his struggles with his gay identity, getting his family to accept him and the drama that surrounds his royal life. 

Where to watch: Netflix

3. Skam

How a Norwegian niche web series for teenagers became a global success | by DMJX | MediaJournal | Medium

The Norwegian drama revolves around the life of teenagers at the Hartvig Nissen School. Each season the series gets a new main character, and the focus changes from relationships, identity crisis, disorders, mental health issues, religion and a lot more. 

Where to watch: Netflix

4. Sex Education

Watch Sex Education | Netflix Official Site

A perfect conversation starter for the need for sex education in schools, the show is a great mix of teen drama, powerful friendships, and the need for open, honest conversations about our bodies. 

Where to watch: Netflix

5. Sky Castle

K-Drama Couch: "Sky Castle" Finale Gets Highest Viewership Ratings Record As "The Crowned Clown" & "A Promise To The Gods" Set Their Own

A blockbuster satirical drama, the story depicts the reality of the education system and how the privileged sections of society manipulate the system to ensure their kids get the biggest share of everything!

Where to watch: Netflix