Cheugy Is The Latest Gen-Z Term And Here’s How You Can Find Out If You Are It Advertisement

Cheugy Is The Latest Gen-Z Term And Here’s How You Can Find Out If You Are It

Deep down, we’re all living the cheug life and TBH, it’s okay

By Isha Mayer  May 13th, 2021

Pronounced as chew-gee, the word has been trending on social media and is being used by Gen-Zers to describe millennials. Cheugy means outdated, passe, untrendy or just too cliched. It’s an aesthetic in which basic meets the early 2010’s. So if you’re currently following out-of-date trends that were popular in middle school and high school, you might just be cheugy. The term has been trending on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and people on the internet are torn between figuring out whether they are cheugs or whether they should just embrace it. 

So Wait, How Do You Know You’re Cheugy?

Well, it’s quite simple: if you have a wooden board as a home decor piece that says “But first, coffee” or a t-shirt that reads #GirlBoss or even a photo on Instagram with a caption like “Live. Love. Laugh,” then congratulations! You’re a cheug. More examples include wearing ugg-boots or merch from The Office or FRIENDS, or even Harry Potter. If you’re still wondering what qualifies to be cheugy, you can check out Instagram account @CheugLife that describes everything that makes you a cheug.


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While some millennials are taking offence to the fact that they are being called out for liking what they like, others are saying it comes across as sexist because it mainly points out the lifestyle of women. However, this isn’t entirely true. Men can also be cheugy, and popular influencer Rod proved it with his video.


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Are Only Millennials Cheugy? 

Although the word was pointed towards all things millennials do, I honestly believe it’s a word that can be embraced by all generations. As someone who belongs to Generation Z, I still love chevron patterns, glitter bottles and overused punny captions. So I don’t mind being cheugy and owning it!

Cheugy Is Now Being Sold As An NFT

Talking about owning it, Gaby Rasson, who claims to have invented the word in 2013, is now selling the term as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). An NFT is a type of currency that can’t be traded for another token, for instance, a bitcoin. It can be used to represent items such as digital art, tweets, pictures, GIFs, movies, audio files and now, even a word. So yes, you can actually buy a picture with the word Cheugy on it.

Now that we’ve expressed our thoughts on the latest internet buzzword, we would like to know yours. Share them in the comments below.