ELLE Sustainability 2024: Here Are The 5 Most Notable Moments From Last Year’s Awards

As the world continues its march towards a more sustainable future, the ELLE Sustainability Awards 2024, presented by Signature Packaged Drinking Water stands as a beacon of innovation and impactful change. The Awards are slated for 25th April and with the anticipation mounting, it’s time to reflect on some noteworthy moments that defined the ELLE Sustainability Awards 2023.

From Bhumi Pednekar’s recycled metal saree to the Signature Pledge Wall, let’s take a walk down memory lane and look back at the most remarkable moments from the Awards last year.

Bhumi Pednekar Donned A Recycled Metal Saree

The former ELLE Sustainability Champion of the Year 2023, aced her look with a BLONI custom sheer metal mesh sari paired with a leotard and bikini with reflective binding. Apart from being visually appealing, the ensemble was a testament to making eco-conscious fashion choices. The exquisite ensemble was made from recycled metal that can be further melted down and repurposed. This choice made by the actress was perceived as a bold statement towards incorporating sustainability in fashion.

Eco-Friendly Cane Trophy

Crafted from eco-friendly cane, this trophy embodied the ethos of sustainability from its very design. The trophy eschewed the use of plastic entirely and had the honourees’ name engraved via laser. Beyond its initial purpose, the trophy held the potential for further sustainability. Thanks to its versatile structure, the trophy could be repurposed as a lamp. This distinctive outlook on designing the trophy made it a symbol of conscious recognition.

Rakul Preet Singh’s Conscious Venture

The actress added NewBoo to her entrepreneurial portfolio for being the brand’s co-founder. After being felicitated with the ELLE Social Responsibility Award, the actress shared some insight into her brand which manufactures biodegradable reusable diapers. Rakul Preet Singh believed this to be her calling to give back to the planet. The brand was launched in March 2023 and has been thriving since then through its tireless efforts for sustainability.

Highlighting ‘Glass2Sand’

Udit Singhal was driven to address the issue of heavy amounts of glass bottles that find their way into landfills. After realising it took them almost a millennium or more to decompose, the young entrepreneur founded the brand ‘Glass2Sand’ that uses a made-in-India machine to convert glass into sand. The lab-tested sand is then up for sale to construction companies. Udit was honoured with the Signature Packaged Drinking Water: ELLE Sustainable Tech Innovation in 2023.

Signature Pledge Wall

In the first edition of the ELLE Sustainability Awards last year, Signature Packaged Drinking Water curated a pledge wall that was simple yet effective. The wall featured practical pieces of advice on living a greener life. Celebrities, winners and attendees got a chance to pick up a sustainability pledge from this wall that they would adhere to, to be more friendly to the environment. Some pledges on the wall included using household waste to create compost, reducing the use of plastic bags, etc.

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