ELLE Catches Up With Top Creative Global Minds On Their Rules Of Staying Stylish In 2022

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These guys have dressed the best in the business. From celebrities to industry stalwarts, everyone has worn stuff they have suggested. We caught up with them for their fashion commandments and trends they don’t want to see this year.

1) Maeve Reilly 

Stylist, NYC

Styles for: Hailey Bieber, Khloe Kardashian, Ciara, The Chain Smokers and Lala Anthony.

My Five Commandments: 

1. Wear what makes you feel most confident and comfortable.

2. A good coat can take you far.

3. Invest in quality basics.

4. Put out the energy you want to receive.

5. Be kind.

What I Don’t Want To See In 2022: Revival of the skinny jean. Loose pants with a fitted top work wonderfully to elevate your look and ensure it’s proportional.

Style Icon To Watch In 2022: I will always love Rihanna. She is extremely iconic and her sense of style never disappoints.

2) Shaleena Nathani 

Stylist, Mumbai 

Styles for: Deepika Padukone, Kiara Advani, Radhika Apte, Shraddha Kapoor and Kartik Aaryan.

My Five Commandments:

1. Metallics and anti-fits to be paired together.

2. Bring leotards back! Love them.

3. Short hair and curtain bangs.

4. Wear more of what you love. Let us not lose our individuality.

5. Mix and match bright colours.

What I Don’t Want To See In 2022: 

1. Oversized shoes. Be gone!

2. The wrong shades of blue.

3. Instagram filters.

Style Icon To Watch In 2022:

For me, it has to be Suhana Khan.

3) Yusef Williams 

Hair Stylist, NYC

Styles for: Rihanna, Lizzo, Jake Gylenhall, Margot Robbie and Salma Hayek.

My Five Commandments:

1. Focus on accessories: think vintage jewellery, shoes and scarves.

2. Have an immaculate vanity with essential items (skincare, makeup, hair products—#TheYbyYusef).

3. Create an inspiration board that helps you stay focused on your vibe and look for the year. Use fashion forecasts, magazine images and street style photos.

4. Give your natural hair a break and experiment with wigs to switch up your look and add to your personality.

5. Always treat yourself to fresh florals in the home. If you’re dating someone who doesn’t bring you flowers, break up with them immediately!

What I Don’t Want To See In 2022: 

1. Bright colour wigs need to go away.

2. TikTok dance challenges.

3. Cakey make-up in the middle of the day.

Style Icon To Watch In 2022: 

Doja Cat is someone who shows her style evolution in a major way!

4) Micaela Erlanger 

Stylist & Author, NYC 

Styles for: Meryl Streep, Lupita Nyong’o, Amanda Hearst, Diane Kruger and Shailene Woodley.

My Five Commandments: 

1. Invest in quality over quantity always.

2. Shop resale and vintage.

3. Wear things that make you happy.

4. Say no to fur.

5. Take care of your skin and stick to a daily routine.

What I Don’t Want To See In 2022:

After two years of working from home, I’m ready to let go of the athleisure trend. This year I am excited to get dressed up again and I’m looking forward to seeing glamour brought back.

Style Icon To Watch In 2022:

There are so many fresh faces to watch out for this year! From actors to models, and musicians who are all bringing their own unique style to the streets and red carpet, which is really exciting.\

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