#ELLEBeauty: Here’s What Makes This Too Faced Mascara So Good

Too Faced

A casual visit to your favourite beauty store or just 10 minutes on a popular make-up portal will easily prove that the industry is dropping a new product every single day! And while we most certainly enjoy the new releases and limited edition finds, nothing can replace a tried-and-tested, iconic staple.

One such cult product that every mascara connoisseur will vouch for is Too Faced’s Better Than Sex. Once you get over the provocative name, you know the product means business; with its hourglass wand and the thick, dark formula that’s packed with collagen and peptides. The uniquely- shaped wand brushes every single lash, ensuring dramatic and sultry eyes for you. But is it really better than sex? Who cares! It does exactly what it claims to do—gives voluminous, thick and lush lashes that last long. Here are some of the interesting facts about this game-changing product.

1. The hour-glass shape of the wand is inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s silhouette

2. Madonna, Kate Hudson and Kylie Jenner swear by it

3. After spending three years trying out several wands and formulae, when co-founder Jerrod Blandino finally found the one he liked, he exclaimed, ‘Oh my god, this is better than sex!’ The rest is history

4. Globally, a tube of Better Than Sex sells every 7.4 seconds

5. It is the most pinned mascara on Pinterest


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