#ELLEBeautyWeekender: Q/A With Lesley-Ann Brandt


At the ELLE Beauty Weekender presented by Tata CliQ,we are celebrating all things beauty with Lesley-Ann Brandt. The actor popularly known as Maze in Netflix’s show Lucifer is also a skincare enthusiast. Ahead of our three-day virtual event, join us in a chat with Lesley.

ELLE: What is one beauty tip you would pass down to your children?

Lesley-Ann Brandt (LAB):It’s probably taking care of his skin. It was ingrained in me as a child. Kingston knows that we moisturise every single night – he calls it rubbies.  And he is accustomed to sunscreen as well.

ELLE: What does beauty mean to you? 

LAB:  I think it’s being confident. I have friends who have struggled with acne or living a healthier life generally. But if you find the confidence within those things that make you feel insecure, I think that is beautiful. Don’t listen to the noise of the world, telling you what size/height you should be or what skin colour is more beautiful. To love and accept yourself and become the best version of yourself is beauty.

ELLE: Best beauty advice you have ever received? 

LAB: My mother told me to always take care of my skin and have a routine. Like a night routine, you just stick to it every day. And, I can never go to bed with makeup on! It’s so incredibly bad for skin and pores. Because I don’t wash my face in the morning, I do a thorough cleanse at night.

ELLE: What would your body say if it could talk right now? 

LAB: If my body could talk right now, it would say please do more yoga. I workout so hard and so much with Paolo, my trainer (he’s amazing!), but what my body equally needs is a reset, lengthening and also the quietness for your mind that comes with yoga.

ELLE: What is the one healthy ritual you do?

LAB: That is listening to my body. I found that as I got older – I’m 40 in December. I had a baby, so I really listen to my body on all fronts, and three years ago, it told me I would operate better if I were plant-based. I thought I had developed eczema after my son because I did develop an allergy to eggs, and the minute I cut that out, it cleared everything up. My skin’s never looked better, I certainly don’t have to work out as hard. When I travel, it can be challenging to be consistent, but I just returned from South Africa and was ecstatic that the vegan scene was so huge.

Watch Lesley-Ann Brandt’s entire session at ELLE Beauty Weekender 2021 presented by Tata CLiQ here:

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