#ELLEBeautyWeekender: Q/A With Rashi Chowdhary


At the ELLE Beauty Weekender presented by Tata CLiQ, we are celebrating all things beauty and wellness with Rashi Chowdhary. A certified nutritionist, she has been helping people transform their lives and lifestyle with healthy diets and wellness plans. Ahead of her participation at the three-day virtual event, find out her answers to our quick rapid fire.

ELLE: If your body could talk right now, what would it say?

Rashi Chowdhary (RC): ‘I’ve seen you struggle, but I like how you’ve accepted most of me. I feel loved and taken care of. Please hydrate me more, and I would love if you eat less cake and more veggies.’

ELLE: What are your top three ways to calm yourself down?

RC: I love hearing to music by Shastro, Snatam Kaur or even Sam Garette! I really enjoy earthing, walking barefoot on the grass or the beach and reading The Power Of Now (which I keep revising every now and then).

ELLE: How can one navigate the ill effects of social media usage?

RC: By being aware of how you relate to it. If I am going to make it about my likes, shares, followers and get attached to it, my ego suffers eventually. If I look at it as a medium to grow, learn, connect with people, build a community I love, the energy around it changes; it uplifts me and doesn’t drain me. Taking social media breaks often also helps. It’s very easy to get carried away cause it’s so stimulating, so keeping a time limit is good.  But the best way to deal with it is to understand what it means to us and what it is feeding us.

ELLE: What does wellness mean to you personally?

RC: Wellness is a state of mind; it’s what is going on inside you. It’s our ability to live life creatively, to give and receive in a balanced way. It’s our willingness to take care of ourselves, our ability to forgive and be honest with ourselves and live an authentic life. It’s treating ourselves and others with compassion. Wellness is not the absence of illness; it’s being able to see the miracles in our illnesses too. Wellness starts within, and it starts with how we perceive ourselves.

ELLE: What is that one healthy practice or ritual that you religiously follow?

RC: What I love the most would be passing out at 10 PM and waking up at 5 AM! It’s one of the best things I’ve done for my body and my mental health.

Watch Rashi Chowdhary’s entire session at ELLE Beauty Weekender 2021 presented by Tata CLiQ here:

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