#ELLEBeautyWeekender: Q/A With Vibhuti Arora


At the ELLE Beauty Weekender presented by Tata CLiQ, we are celebrating all things beauty and wellness with Vibhuti Arora. From managing her own skincare line called House of Beauty to being a face yoga practitioner and facialist expert, Vibhuti wears multiple hats. Ahead of her participation at the three-day virtual event, find out her answers to our quick rapid fire.

ELLE: What does beauty mean to you personally?

Vibhuti Arora (VA): Beauty to me is not the idea of perfection, but the feeling of love or satisfaction that we get, whether in self or others. It’s the confidence we thrive on, to wake up each day, achieve a goal, get that go-getter attitude or strength whilst feeling happy. It’s a ‘state of mind’ that stands out the most to me.

ELLE: A beauty advice you would give to your 16-year-old self? 

VA: My advice would be, start early as prevention is better than cure. And introduce these two creams in your life: sunscreen for your face and ice cream for your soul! I was well guided into skincare by my mother and grandmother and started taking care of my skin early in age. From yoghurt de-tan packs to Retha Shikakai based hair masks, I always had something on, which helped a lot.

ELLE: Your favourite beauty product? 

VA: A good oil. It could be plain almond oil or a nice herb blend. I cannot live without oils for my hair, face and body.

ELLE: Your way of unwinding? 

VA: My favourite way of unwinding is through a warm bath, some candles, jazz music, my signature one-minute face yoga massage and masking for face, hair, hands and feet! Throw in an under-eye hydrogel patch and chick flicks, and I am good to spend hours with me and my skincare besties.

ELLE: The last thing you do before turning to bed?

VA: I am very big on holistic living. I have my beauty supplements (Collagen + Vit C) at night, spritz some pillow mist, do some anulom vylom pranayama, hug my son and go to bed. In case I cannot sleep, I mindlessly scroll through Instagram till I fall asleep!

Watch Vibhuti Arora’s entire session at ELLE Beauty Weekender 2021 presented by Tata CLiQ here:

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