ELLECyclopedia: Sabyasachi’s Royal Bengal Tiger Is More Than Just A Recognisable Heritage Motif


What’s the biggest commonality tying creatives Andy Warhol, Sabyasachi and Yayoi Kusama together? Easy. Their idiosyncratic design signatures and global repute. You see the Bengal Tiger motif on a belt, you know it comes from the house of Sabyasachi. Face repeats doused in a distinctive colour palette – that’s Warhol for you.

The signature gradually becomes synonymous with the brand. Take the Royal Bengal Tiger for example. Drenched in history, a nod to understated royalty and indicative of Sabyasachi’s nativity, the symbol speaks for itself. Such is the power of strategic branding, one that welds both sentiment and legacy.

Cultural Significance

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for the Sabyasachi and L’Oréal Paris collaboration

Considered the cream of the crop in the luxe bridal bracket, Sabyasachi’s storytelling is invariably imbued with the symbol. It has a complex mythical and anthropological past with the Indian people, and it is a sign of strength and respect. For hundreds of years, it has represented bravery, vigour, and safety.

Hindu mythology commonly uses tigers to represent the goddess Durga, symbolising her protective and fearsome demeanour. Tigers were portrayed in a number of Indian artworks, fabrics, and sculptures, illustrating their importance in the contemporary history.

Sabya’s Tryst With The Royal Bengal Tiger

The Royal Bengal Minaudière

The designer is of the opinion that most couturiers believe that a minaudière should be striking and valuable. His intention was to have an iconic yet casual feel, similar to a t-shirt with a logo. Available in multiple iterations across collections and themes, The Royal Bengal Minaudiere is easily the most liked and in-demand offering from the art-deco maison.

The Chowringhee

The concept of Calcutta is inextricably linked to Chowringhee – memories, dreams, and a persistent feeling of nostalgia. From the era of the British Raj, Chowringhee has stayed at the centre of reimagining Bengal between the excesses of neo-Baroque and the ambition of Art Deco which translates into this crossbody bag with its classic yet striking make.

A Star Studded Clientele


Lensed here, is Katrina Kaif in a black Sabyasachi lehenga with a full, gathered skirt secured in place with the OG Sabyasachi belt adorned with the Royal Bengal Tiger motif.

You can smell the twenty-tens from this picture with the muted floral dress and coordinating accessories. Deepika took her Sabya accessories for a spin at what looks like the backstage of Lakme Fashion Week. Media walls will never not be busy. The Emmy producers sure will agree.

And here we have Neena Gupta, underrated style icon flexing her Sabyasachi repertoire with her Calcutta Sling and the belt. Truth be told, the motif as well as the accessories are evergreen, as corroborated by multiple celebs who’ve donned the acclaimed designer and his creations from the late aughts to now. Looks like the Royal Bengal Tiger is here to stay, in all its roaring glory.

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