#ELLEExclusive: Gaurav Gupta’s New Collection Is An Ode To Greek Mythology


Designer Gaurav Gupta’s Spring Summer Couture 2021 collection amalgamates the beauty of the sun’s light and the magic of Greek Mythology. Taking inspiration from three Greek goddesses, Aegle (brightness), Hesperia (sunset glow) and Arethusa (daughter of water), the designer imagines them against sunset hues for the mood board of The Celestial Sunset.

“The sunsets every day, yet every sunset, in every part of the world, is different. There are so many beautiful colours I discovered for this collection, thanks to the sun. Everything from sunset yellow to twilight pink can be seen in this collection,” he tells ELLE. 

Speaking about the new elements of the collection, Gaurav says, “We’ve experimented with glistening embroidery for this collection; it sparkles only in the light. We’ve also experimented with a new sculpting technique, that is more graphic, and ends up resonating like sun rays.”

The collection includes high-octane sequin cocktail dresses, gossamer mermaid gowns, new-concept lehengas and saree gowns. Bringing in learnings from 2020, Gaurav admits that his design language has changed. “I have personally become a lot more tranquil, and my design language is a bit more serene. If that makes any sense,” he laughs.

Scroll for an exclusive look at his collection.


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