#ELLEExclusive: Outhouse Jewellery Gives Its Monogram A Chic Floral Upgrade


Known for its statement jewellery, Outhouse has carved a niche with its edgy, avant-garde aesthetic in the accessory space. We love its versatile pieces that can be paired with all styles, whether it’s ethnic, festive or western. A singular element that has become synonymous with the brand is its iconic ‘OH V’ monogram, infused in most designs. And now as the luxury label inches closer to its 10-year mark next year, it is set to give the monogram a fresh spin. 

Say hello to the brand new ‘OH Poppi’–a five-petal poppy flower monogram, serving as a sophisticated metaphor of childlike joy, optimism, and vibrancy. With fashion enthusiasts joining the bandwagon of monogram prints and logo mania trends, the launch couldn’t have come at a better time. To celebrate the new drop, the label is introducing a vegan leather bag collection and a jewellery line featuring the poppy monogram and its geometrical iterations respectively, next week.


From an exclusive chat with Outhouse Jewellery founders Kaabia and Sasha Grewal, here’s the intel on the new monogram.

ELLE: Congratulations on your new monogram! What led you to change it, and what inspired the new design? 

Sasha Grewal & Kaabia Grewal (SG & KG): Our new OH Poppi monogram is an addition to the existing lineage of monograms. While the earlier one (the V stood for numeric 5 as it came to life to celebrate the 5-year journey of the brand) will continue to stay, the new monogram is launched as a tribute to our nostalgia and our journey as founders over the last few years. The evolution of the 5-petal monogram began as a hand-drawn sketch during our visit to our childhood home. We hadn’t been there for long time. Bringing back a feeling of joy, we sat down with a paper to draw a flower as we rambled childishly, the shape looked so simple yet beautiful and we were drawn to it instantly. With innovative ideas brewing at Outhouse constantly, the new monogram is a result of this evolution–building a series of iconic monogram that we resonate to and will become a part of brands lineage and embroidery.


ELLE: Sounds interesting. Tell us more!

SG & KG: The Poppi monogram is a simple yet timeless design, but one that holds special significance. Each petal that encloses the OH logo symbolises an emotion that reflects our journey—vibrance, boldness, free-spirit, independence, exuberance and grace. These are the key virtues of the Poppi flower. The monogram represents that we must all grow, stagnancy is never an option. Thereby, standing for nostalgia with progression, and strength with softness.


ELLE: Also tell us about the new vegan leather bags—we love them!  

SG & KG: We decided to reinterpret the classic silhouette of the bucket bag as our own playful version. The OH Poppi Bucket Bag is consciously handcrafted in PETA-approved vegan leather. This day-to-night bag is a multi-functional icon that can be worn in more ways than one. This piece is finished with 24k rose gold and a sweetheart lock metal decoration. The size of the bag makes it easy to accessorise with, combining fashion and practicality. We thought that would be a good addition to the existing nano and mid-sized bags.


ELLE: Tell us about your new jewellery line. How is it unique from the earlier ones? 

SG & KG: We have married modernity and sentimentality to create something new and unforgettable. The jewellery in the OH Poppi line is sculptural, as compared to our other existing collections. This collection will also see a lot of unisex pieces, making it a very inclusive line. We believe every jewellery piece from Outhouse makes a statement when worn singularly. But we have also included pieces that can be mixed and remixed to create unique styles.


ELLE: Will we see more of the Poppi monogram, besides the two collections? 

SG & KG: Yes, the monogram will be visible in all our upcoming collections—not just in its original form, but also adapted versions in hexagonal, rectangular and scalloped silhouettes in both metallic finishes and hints of colour. It’ll make its way to rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and the upcoming men’s line (in gunmetal and silver).


ELLE: What else is Outhouse working on?  

SG & KG: We’re gearing up for the brand’s 10th anniversary slated for 2022. Lots of interesting things are lined up including diversifying our product categories. We have also moved from Bandra; our new store is at Phoenix Palladium. Have you been there yet?

- Lifestyle Editor


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