#ELLELoves: 8 Planters & Pots That Are Sure To Spruce Up Your Home Interiors


Did you know that the Egyptians made the first flower pot in the 1700s to carry plants securely from one location to another? Thereafter, several civilizations adopted the same method, but it was only the Victorian era that introduced the concept of house plants. Fast forward to the 21st century, and we not only love our indoor plants, but we’ve also seen a rise in plant moms, plantfluencers and urban gardening enthusiasts.

However, it’s not only about the greens but also the containers holding them. What started as simple terracotta pots ages ago are now available in many shapes, materials, and designs, making plants and planters the ultimate home decor choice. Whether you’re a plant mom who’s looking to add colourful pots to your at-home garden or someone who likes to keep it on tables or shelves, worry not; we’re here to help. Here are our top picks from these Indian labels selling gorgeous planters.

1. Shibui Moscow - Noir Black Planter
Inspired by their travels to various countries, Shibui incorporates this aesthetic in its planters. As a part of the label's Monochrome collection, the repetitive pattern featured in the Noir Black planter is inspired by the great architectural presence in the city of Moscow. By opting for it, you’re not only adding magnificence to your balcony or garden but also investing in a product made from ethical materials.
Price: INR 2,799
2. Claymen Blob
Looking for something avant-garde? Opt for Aman Khanna’s Claymen pots, which look like deformed faces featuring human expressions. A perfect eye-catching accessory to add to your indoor garden.
Price: INR 6,500
3. Artisan Lab Zulu Planter
Inspired by the glorious land of Africa and made from sustainable terracotta, the Zulu planter features hand-made designs that represent the diverse African culture. Our say: place it in your living room on a centre table or shelf to add an earthy touch.
Price: INR 3,690
4. The June Shop Conical Geometric Planter
Perfect for succulents, herbs and other small plants, the delicate, visually appealing plant pots made from resin are ideal for all kinds of spaces. Take your pick from an array of pastel shades.
Price: INR 499
5. Nestasia Eco-Friendly Planters
Mix your existing planters with these environmentally-friendly products. Made from Sabai grass and dyed in three different shades, this basket-like pot will bring a warm, welcoming vibe to your space. Available in sets of two, they're ideal for planting small flowers or succulents, and double up as decorative accents on a balcony, console table, or mantelpiece.
Price: INR 1,650
6. Ripples Home Medium Midori Planter
Elevate your living room or bedroom with clean, simple planters just like this one. Its bucket shape with a corrugated texture ensures a bespoke look to your space as well as accentuates the natural appeal of your plant. Placing it next to a chair or a table stand will enhance the look.
Price: INR 3,299
7. Mora Taara Black Hanging Metal Pots
Hanging pots are a good choice if you’re short on space in your balcony or like to have plants like creepers. Looking for a minimal design? Then opt for Mora Taara’s latest addition and give a complete look to your balcony with these black hanging metal pots.
Price: INR 1,750
8. West Elm Spun-Metal Standing Brass Planters 
Leave it standing on the slim X-shaped base or place it separately by itself, the brass-finished plant container is a modern and rustic way to showcase greenery.
Price: INR 7,000

- Lifestyle Editor


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