#ELLEPodcastOfTheWeek: Sleep With Me

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One of the things uniting all of us during this pandemic is our messed up sleep cycles. As per the Great Indian Sleep Scorecard (GISS), while 2021 shows signs of improving sleep health, 92 per cent of respondents admitted to being hooked to their phones before going to bed. One in three people binge-watch shows into the wee hours, while 42% of people say work keeps them up till late every night. A lot of us simply cannot sleep.

While there are several things you could try to fall asleep (we’ve outlined a few here), one of the easiest things to do is tune in to a podcast. In comes the Sleep With Me podcast by Drew Ackerman, the perfect way to fall asleep. Started in 2013, Drew has become the go-to source for sleep. Describing his podcast as ‘bedtime stories to help grown-ups fall asleep in the deep, dark night,” each episode is over an hour long. You can expect a narration of extremely dull, overlong stories in a flat monotone voice in each episode. The perfect recipe for sleep! Good night!

Tune in to the podcast here.

- Editor In Chief


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