#ELLEPodcastOfTheWeek: What’s A Man?

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Deepa Narayan’s latest podcast, What’s a Man? Masculinity in India attempts to answer the question from the viewpoint of men themselves. The 10-episode series finds its voice in hundreds of interviews with boys, young men, and a host of notable names like Retired General HS Panag, author Amish Tripathi and comedians Abish Mathew and Neville Shah, to name a few. Deepa uses her 20 years of work experience with the World Bank, United Nations and various NGOs to address gender dynamics in society and how it affects the world.

Her podcasts take a deep dive into the masculine modes of thoughts and action and how they play out in society. From asking young boys what being a powerful man means to addressing pop culture references that present a set idea of what a man should be like, this podcast is a great way to deep dive into understanding the male gender.

Tune in to the podcast here.

- Editor In Chief


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