#ELLERoundUp: All The Social Media Challenges That Went Viral In 2020

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This year took a different turn altogether when COVID-19 struck the whole world. With nowhere to go, couped up at home, you’re bound to get creative to keep yourself sane. And that creativity was expressed in the form of numerous challenges on social media. From dancing to tunes to making a pillow into an outfit (literally), quarantine gave birth to so many viral social media challenges. Here’s a round-up of all the ones that kept us entertained during our #LockdownLife this year.



This one was an accurate representation of our 2020 mood. Started by Reese Witherspoon, the actor posted a nine-grid collage of her face from different movie scenes with expressions that defined emotions for every month. Soon everyone had their own version and so it went on to become a major trend.


People were so bored in the house and in the house bored that a song was made on it, courtesy Curtis Roach. After the singer uploaded his song, it became a massive hit on social media with people dancing to it.


What does one do when they can’t get out to shop? Transform your pillow into an outfit! Perfect for those who love their beds, the quarantine pillow challenge was very simple to achieve. All you needed was a pillow cinched at your waist and a photo! While tons of people including celebrities took part in it, we loved Anne Hathaway’s look the most.


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If you love puns and dad jokes, you definitely know or tried this challenge or even both. The Don’t Leave Me challenge is quite fun. It was reportedly started by Nigerian comedian Josh Alfred when he posted a sketch on his social media accounts. In the video, Josh stood on a leaf and when his friend asked him to do something, he said he couldn’t because he was on leaf (leave, get it?) and walked away after which his friend shouted “don’t leave me, don’t leave me.” And that’s how this trend was born, with everybody getting on board and joining the punny game.


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This year saw couples getting creative too with the Flip The Switch challenge. Set to Drake’s popular track, Nonstop, the video challenge features two people standing in front of the mirror, one closer to it than the other and holding the phone and recording the video, while the other dances in the background. When the song starts, and Drake says, “I just flipped the switch, flipped, flipped,” that’s the cue for the person next to the mirror to turn the light off and on, only to reveal that both the participants have swapped their outfits and positions during the transition. Our favourite so far has to be the one done by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. 


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Beauty bloggers took part in 10 seconds vs 2 hours of makeup challenge, in which they showcased a look that might have taken them 2 hours to achieve just in 10 seconds on the song Put Your Records On (remixed by Ritt Momney). What made these videos interesting was not just the gorgeous makeup looks but also the smooth transition and crazy editing skills along with the catchy music.


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#ThisOrThat Challenge  

While most of us spent time at home with our family this year, we weren’t surprised to see parents and grandparents become a part of certain trends and challenges. Case in point: the very recent This or That challenge. In this challenge, two options are presented on the screen, and the people taking part in it have to walk towards the screen in the direction of their preference. Gordon Ramsay’s version of it with his daughter is inspiring us to take it up.


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