Embrace The Summer Heat With Taneira’s Playful Collection Of Summer Saris

There’s a reason why, even after hundreds of years, the legacy of Indian saris still stands strong. Be it the Madhubani saris of Bihar with their vibrant religious motifs, the Paithanis of Maharashtra with their birds and floral designs, or the glowing temple borders of Kanjivaram, these six-yard drapes carry within them centuries of heritage – like an heirloom lovingly handed down from mother to daughter, adapting itself with each generation.

It’s no surprise that saris have adapted to all seasons and occasions. Take those meant for summer for instance – playful, bright, and quirky, embellished with the flowers and patterns that dominate our everyday life. Undeniably modern and timelessly elegant.

If you’re looking for a brand that truly understands and champions this vision, look no further than Taneira – a Tata Product. The brand’s spring-summer collection, features an array of different fabrics and weaves from different corners of India and even beyond – from the luxurious elegance of Tussar to the historical legacy of the Murshidabad Silk.

An integral part of this collection is the use of Murshidabad Silk. Murshidabad had historically been one of the major silk weaving centres of West Bengal, with hundreds of people once being involved in the industry. Murshidabad’s silk was fluid, drapable and did not crumble as much as its other counterparts, which led to its immense popularity in the first place. But during the British Raj when taxes on Indian silks increased manifold, the busting looms of the city slowly disappeared.

Reviving the practice of weaving Murshidabad silk for the current generation, Taneira’s saris translate contemporary designs of this durable silk to make it fit for any occasion. The silk itself can be worn in any weather and needs very low maintenance, making it perfect for younger, new sari wearers. Pair this with a white shirt, a clean bun and statement earrings to make heads turn wherever you go.


The collection also looks for inspiration in artworks around the world, blending them with the tradition of the six yards and giving them a new meaning altogether. The result is a unique drape that is extremely modern, chic and nothing less of a fashion statement. Pair it with a bright halter neck collared crop top for a summer soiree, or a blazer for a formal event, and you’re good to go.

Weathers might change, but retro never goes out of style, like this pink and orange saree from Taneira. It’s eye-catching, and the half-and-half colour division is a perfect style statement for any event. You could wear it with a denim jacket or the blouse as shown here, or experiment with the draping style for a more fun vibe to go with your look.

To know more about the brand’s new collection, shop from their Summer Silks section.

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