Enjoyed Reading Funny Story? Here Are 5 Books Perfect For A Weekend Read

Books and weekends, these two words are almost inseparable now. As the monsoon continues to play hard to get, we face the sweltering summer weekends. When the sun’s blazing, there’s nothing quite like lounging at home, basking in the cool breeze of the AC, and diving into a charming rom-com. I know I’m not alone in this cosy retreat. And that’s exactly what I did last weekend.

Daphne’s world shatters when her fiancé, Peter, dumps her for his childhood best friend, Petra. Desperate and heartbroken, she moves in with Petra’s ex, Miles, who’s equally devastated. Chaos ensues as these two opposites hatch a plan to fake-date and attend Peter and Petra’s wedding. Filled with humour, romance and drama, Emily Henry‘s Funny Story is the ultimate weekend read.

So, fellow bookworms, I’ve curated the perfect weekend escape for you that closely matches the vibes of Funny Story. From friends to lovers to fake-dating narratives, these five delightful reads promise to transport you from the scorching heat to a world of heartwarming romance and breezy adventures.

Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas


Catalina Martin, a spirited young woman, finds herself in a delightful conundrum: she needs a date for her sister’s wedding and opts to fake-date her colleague. Enter “Spanish Love Deception,” a story brimming with humour, romance and a dash of drama. This book offers a captivating journey that keeps you enthralled from the very first page to the last.

The Deal by Elle Kennedy


Love often appears when we least expect it; this book is a testament to that serendipity. With two people thrown together by unforeseen circumstances and one mutually beneficial deal, it promises a page-turning experience that keeps readers eagerly anticipating each twist and turn.

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood


Adam and Olive had me hooked from their very first kiss. When Olive, tipsy and impulsive, plants one on a random stranger at a party, she never expects him to be her grumpy, stoic professor. As drama and comedy ensue, The Love Hypothesis unfolds in the most captivating way. Plus, who doesn’t love a brilliant woman in STEM?

Terms And Conditions by Lauren Asher


The “grumpy” finally meets “sunshine” as this fake-dating trope whisks you away into the fictional world of the Kane Brothers. From Declane’s brooding demeanour to Iris’s witty comebacks, this inter-racial romance drama takes a perfect spot on the weekend reads, promising both laughs and heartfelt moments.

Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma


Picture this: when a love-phobic meets a love-obsessed individual, sparks fly in a whirlwind of comedy, romance, and drama. Dating Dr. Dil, an enchanting Indian love tale, is one of the books that promises to brighten your weekend with its heartfelt narrative. With a blend of typical Indian aunties and the grandeur of Indian weddings, this story is the perfect remedy for those longing for a sense of belonging and home.

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