Enrich Launches Unique Valentine’s Day Campaign “Put Yourself First”

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With Valentine’s Day being usually focused on expressing love to others, Enrich has conceptualized a differentiated campaign. Put Yourself First is an extension of their motto, Love Begins With You. The campaign’s central theme is to remind everyone to love themselves before they think about others.

As a part of this campaign, Enrich is sharing a special card with all their customers as well as employees. This card will be from them to them. The card has a special note that serves a sweet reminder to not forget to love yourself.

The campaign also entails a video film that is shot as a part of a social experiment to check if people remember to think of themselves when they are making a list of people they love. None of them do, but when pointed out they realize that’s a priority too. The film ends with a beautiful message saying, “On the day we celebrate love, put yourself first, because Love Begins With You.”

To watch the campaign, click here.

Taking the message of self-love forward, Enrich is also offering their customers amazing discounts and offers this month. With upto 30% off on special services, fragrances and select products, there are some special services for under 99 available in February. Their unique customized live Lamior lipstick bar will offer a free lipstick on the purchase of one. Few lucky customers will also receive a Valentine’s Day hamper along with the hand-written card.

Vikram Bhatt, Founder, Enrich, said, “People often feel Love is to give. It surely is, but we need to keep ourselves at the top of that list. Self-care and self-love, not to be confused with being selfish, is crucial to be stay happy and spread happiness. This campaign aims to be a simple and effective reminder of this for our customers as well as employees.”

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