The Wildest Fan Theories About Euphoria Season 3 You Need To Know

Euphoria Fan theories season 3

Given that this is a safe haven for me to express myself (only open to like, anyone reading this), I’ll confess that until recently, I hadn’t been introduced to “the euphoric effect.” I mean, it’s a gripping adolescent drama with vapid sex, explicit graphics, copious drug intake, messy heartbreaks, and fragmented friendships, but what’s there to really love? (Aside from Zendaya, of course). But then, *drumroll*, season 2 arrived, and, as much as I hate to admit it, with all the fanfare surrounding it, the penny finally dropped. So I did eventually catch the Euphoria bug, which took me only whole week to consume and at the rate at which things were going, I would say I inhaled it.

For far too long, I’ve felt like a dolt when it comes to all things Euphoria but I think I’ve finally grasped the teen drama’s timeless allure. But the season finale, which was underwhelming left me and the euphoric cult with a lot of questions. What will happen to Rue next? Fez, what happened to him? Will Cassie and Nate reconcile their differences? We’ve scoured the internet in search of answers, and we stumbled upon these wild Euphoria fan theories that will get you thinking..

Rue is actually dead

Hold up, Zendaya lovers; hearken to what we’re saying; it might just make sense to you. Given how at sea we’ve always been about Rue’s addiction struggles, I am not completely surprised that several stans have suggested that Rue may have been dead the entire time and is reliving the events that led to her death, basically explaining why she would be an ideal choice as a narrator and also how she’s omnipresent and knows everything there is to know about everyone.

Who is Nate’s missing brother?

So, is someone going to address the missing son in the family portrait? We need answers, Sam Levinson. One of the frequently revisited Euphoria fan theories is that family photo’s first appearance in season 1 was a production error. But it turns out it’s not since the portrait reappears in season 2 when Cal chooses to leave and takes the family photo with him. While there are a number of fan theories about the missing son, the most prevalent and, in my opinion, the most plausible is that Ashtray may be the missing son.

Maddy is leaving?

No, we understand what you’re thinking. What about all of the savage one-liners, style, and beauty lessons she’s been dishing out since season one? I mean, I’m not sure about you, but Maddy’s style plays a huge part in Euphoria’s aesthetic (read about it here) for me. However, it appears that our it-girl has no plans to stay in town, as she hinted in one of her conversations with Samantha, indicating that she would not be able to babysit anymore since she would be leaving soon. A Euphoria fan theory we see playing out.

Rue will be sober

Given that her character is the show’s protagonist (and Zendaya is definitely a fan favorite), most theories revolve around Rue’s sobriety, and fans are hoping to see Rue’s journey to sobriety in season 3. Perhaps it’s too soon to consider Rue’s redemption? Fans seem divided on what the future holds for her. Some fear she would relapse, citing her declaration in the season finale that she remained sober for the rest of the school year.

Whatever happens, we are always rooting for Zendaya as devoted fans. Rue, more power to you!

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