Everything You Need To Know About Festive Dating According To Bumble


The colours, the fireworks, the music, the diyas – festivals are the ideal backdrop for romance. With Navratri, Durga Puja and Dussehra, India’s festive season has commenced. While some like to spend this time going shopping, indulging in delicious authentic food or simply engaging in the excitement of festive activities with their loved ones, all the singles are keen to look for someone to burn those fulljaris with. Bumble’s new nationwide study reveals a significant trend of dating during the festivals as 63% of Indians surveyed confess they will embrace festival dating and want to date someone during this time.

While a major chunk of the population prefers to spend the festive season with their friends and family, others like to keep it cosy with their partners. According to a survey conducted by Bumble, 27% of Indians surveyed prefer to enjoy festivities with their partners whereas 18% prefer enjoying festivals by finding themselves a date for all the festive parties/festivities when away from home. 48% of Indians indulge in shopping together while 43% enjoy festival gifting for their loved ones. And 42% of Indians say they love attending festive parties with their dates or partners.

Samarpita Samaddar, the India Communications Director of Bumble shares, “Festivals are an interesting time when romance is in the air! During this season when the entire country lights up for multiple, sometimes simultaneous festivals, as you explore festive rituals and traditions with each other, you also get to know each other better and forge deeper connections! Take the time to craft your profile bio to showcase your idea of festive fun, favourite festival destinations you’d like to visit, or even your favourite food that you crave during this festival season. Sharing such common interests can help spark a new connection! At Bumble, we encourage our community to bring their most authentic and full selves to meet like-minded people.”

Dating more during this time may also be prompted by societal pressures and familial demands. People also tend to be more insecure about their solitary status during the festive time; feelings of loneliness begin to settle in. Millennials tend to feel more pressure seeing their peers settle in well with their dates or partners. Feelings of unworthiness and lack of value start to increase in people when asked about their relationship status. If this is how you feel during the festivities, Bumble’s relationship expert Ruchi Shah comes to your rescue with some handy tips for you to keep in mind:

1. Remember that your feelings are valid

It can feel lonely during the festivals without a partner or a date, especially if you’re staying away from your hometown. It can help to acknowledge that you’re not the only person who’s feeling sad or lonely right now. It’s okay to take time for yourself as you decide how and who you want to date.

2. Be honest with yourself

Experiencing fear of missing out or FOMO is a common occurrence during such times when you see your friends with their dates or partners celebrating festivities. Try cutting down on social media consumption as it can lead to comparing yourself to others and prompting self-critical thoughts. Recognise that you don’t need to date as a result of this pressure, rather, listen to recognise your need and consider dating on your own terms and timelines. Wait until you find someone that genuinely sparks your interest, rather than dating aimlessly.

3. Practice Self Love

Prioritise self-love and self-care during the festive season. Focus on your well-being, you can enjoy the festivities with or without a partner. If you want to enjoy the festive rituals with friends or family, then go for it. You can create your own new ritual this festive season.

4. Be Spontaneous

Have an adaptable attitude this festive season. Festival plans can be fun when they are spontaneous. Enjoy surprises like a last-minute Diwali party invitation or a pandal-hopping plan with your date. Use this time to discover new things about yourself and your date. Being flexible to explore new ideas can be an exciting experience.

5. Don’t bring the festive baggage to your dating life

All of that joyful festive cheer can sometimes be a bit too much to take in. Dating should be fun! If you have just started dating someone new, it might be tempting to invite them to a Diwali party with your friends. Take the time to ask yourself if you’re comfortable with that. What you should remember is dating during the festive season should empower you to feel confident and comfortable in your decision. Instead of diving into intimate gatherings with friends and relatives with your new date too fast, try planning romantic dates together first to get to know each other better.

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