Evocus Black Alkaline Water Is Redefining Hydration For Athletes

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It tastes like water but is more than water. It’s smooth, clean, and earthy taste satisfies your thirst whereas the infused electrolytes provide extra hydration for a longer period of time as well as helping in flushing out toxins from the body with its essential minerals.

Evocus alkaline water with its unique properties have made it a personal favourite of sport stars like Sania Mirza, Sarfaraz Khan, Dinesh Kartik and more.

Compared to regular RO water, Evocus Black Alkaline Water is infused with essential minerals which brings a healthy twist to your water. These minerals are naturally black in colour & infusing them in water, turns the water naturally alkaline & black while being a ZERO contributor to your Glucose, Calories, and Carbs. It’s 8+ Alkaline pH helps in reducing body acids and balancing body pH.

India’s first new-age black alkaline water is already a celeb’s favourite and cricketers’ choice of water. and is also marking its presence internationally. It’s available on Global Amazon in USA, Canada, UAE, Mexico and New Zealand. Also shipping to France, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Japan in the next six months.

Compared to regular RO water, Evocus Black Alkaline Water is infused with essential minerals which brings a healthy twist to your water.

This water is not only the hydration companion of global sports stars, but also athletes and olympians like South African Cricketer David Miller, Olympian Bala Devi, Olympian Pawan Singh, and Olympian Atuna Das.

Evocus is a personal favourite of Sania Mirza too- When asked by an interviewer what’s in her hand, Sania replied “Black alkaline water by Evocus. It’s really good. It is more than water but water.”

David Miller himself swears by Evocus, saying it’s his “everyday companion” that naturally detoxifies his body and balances his pH levels. And with benefits like consistent hydration, enhanced metabolism, increased alertness, and regulated pH levels, it’s no wonder that Evocus has won the hearts of athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Minerals extracted in Texas, USA, from a rare deposit in the earth’s crust. Evocus alkaline water also contains essential minerals that help neutralize acidic waste in the body, reducing the risk of injury and improving performance. Better hydration helps in better muscle recovery.

And if you’re looking for better digestion and nutrient absorption, Evocus has got you covered there too! Its neutralizing properties make it easier for your body to absorb essential minerals from the food you eat.
So, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, athlete, or just someone looking for a healthy lifestyle choice, Evocus Black Alkaline Water is the allrounder you need.

Evocus black alkaline water is available on their website Drinkevocus.com and also available on quick commerce like swiggy instamart, blinkit and zepto.

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