Best Face Yoga techniques with Face Yoga expert Vibhuti Arora from House of Beauty

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Face yoga is a revolutionary method backed up by the power of Science and Ayurveda which has truly taken skincare to the next level. The blend of massage, facial exercises and acupuncture not just fights common skin issues but makes one look younger by boosting blood circulation and keeping the face muscles firm and toned. 

“Beautypreneur” and Face Yoga Expert Vibhuti Arora has always believed in the idea of holistic beauty and has formulated different face yoga techniques for every skin problem. Her signature one – minute Vibhuti massage is just one of her proudful creations.Spilling the how-to’s of five of her best face yoga techniques which will help you to “glow from within” 

  1. Face yoga for Double Chin Removal 


Vibhuti Arora’s iconic exercises for an instant jaw lift is great for those who want immediate jaw definition and want to tighten any loose saggy jowl skin. 

  • Start by placing your index finger and your middle finger on half of your chin to support any loose skin from dragging or stretching unnecessarily.
  • Now place the palm of your other hand perpendicular to your chin. Start to swipe all the way across your jowl region till the base of your ear lobe.
  • When you reach your earlobe twist and tuck lifting your elbow in the air. Do this exercise for 20 reps first on half of your jawline on your face.
  • Then support the side you just exercised with your 2 fingers (index finger & middle finger) supporting half your chin.
  • Take the flat portion of your other palm absolutely perpendicular to the jowl region. Start to massage with the same sculpt – tuck and lift motion 20 times on the other side.
  1. The Eye”vy”

Face Yoga for Dark circles, hollow eyes, Double chin & Droopy Lips 

  • Start by warming the oil to activate ingredients. Transfer the oil all over the face, jaw upwards, cheeks upwards, forehead (Face mapping – Vibhuti’s 5 Zone signature technique).
  • Then, Perfect your Face stretching by applying upward pressure from the heel of your palm from jaw line upwards, from cheek muscle upwards, Repeat 3 times.
  • Now, start with forehead swipes in opposite directions with firm pressure – 20 times. Start with swipe up motions along the under eyes “A” – Swipe – Lift – Drain.

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  1. Face Yoga for Anti – ageing – Forehead lifter

  •  Support your forehead with your hands and raise your eyebrows up and down 20 times.
  • This will help you reduce brow lines, forehead lines  and frown lines. 
  1. Face Yoga for Cheeks – The cheek hook

This is the ultimate cheek- sculpt- lift workout. It is brilliant for those who are looking at sculpting their cheeks, reducing fat, burning the chubby cheek fat and looking at a well defined face. 

  • For this exercise, bend your index finger and make a hook out of it. Place the index finger right next to your nostrils.
  • Take your fingers all the way till the top of your ear. Once you reach the top of your ear, twist your finger upwards building muscle memory, to lift your face and tucking it on the sides of your hairline.
  1. Face yoga for Cheeks and Neck – Double Chin reduction

This exercise is great for jaw toning double chin reduction burning the fat of the chin and the neck (platysma muscle). In this exercise we aim at creating resistance, equal and opposite force of pressure to feel the burn.

  • For this exercise sit tall, place the elbow of one hand on the other hand and place the fingers making a fist under your chin.
  • Now push your chin downwards and add equal and opposite pressure with your fist pushing your chin upwards.

        A slim and chiseled face is not just for Greek gods. Following face yoga religiously can help aid all the skin issues and ageing and helps you glow from within! 

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