How To Make Your Makeup Sweat-Proof In This Weather

sweat-proofing the makeup

What’s worse than sweating off the expensive makeup you’ve put on moments after stepping out in the sweltering heat? I mean, that’s such a ginormous waste of effort and product. Not an ideal scenario to be in unless you master effective hacks on sweat-proofing the makeup. While it’s not in our hands to control the weather – seriously, what’s with this heat? – we can choose to be wise with our products and their application to make it last.

From picking up the right formulation to product switches for summer – we chatted with Dior Beauty’s International ProTeam Makeup Artist – Middle East, Emmanuelle Geoffrey to understand the most effective hacks that won’t let your makeup melt in this scorching heat and keep it transfer-proof under face masks.

Make Essential Switches in the Makeup Routine

sweat-proofing the makeup

While you might have your favourites but if you live in a city that witnesses stark temperature changes from winter to summer months, you need to switch your makeup routine. The winter skin can usually take heavy and oil-based formulations to combat dry and flaky patches however, in summers those products might not work. Additionally, how you apply makeup also makes a difference. “I suggest using or starting with the smallest amount of product. You can always build the coverage but start with a smaller quantity,” says Emmanuelle.

Emmanuelle further suggests using the foundation around the nose and chin area, and a little bit on the forehead as these are the areas where we need extra coverage. “Another tip I’d like to suggest is using only the concealer and forgoing the foundation,” she adds. She prefers using it to conceal shadows and blemishes, and setting it with the powder.

Effective Hacks To Sweat-proofing The Makeup

If you’re a makeup junkie, by now you might have a few hacks up your sleeve to summer-proof your makeup. We all know what works for our skin. However, if you still find it tricky, Emmanuelle suggests using a single pump of product for the whole face barring the neck. Yes, the neck! Here’s what she says about applying foundation on the neck area, “The only reason people apply foundation on their neck is when they haven’t picked the right shade so they apply it all over to make it look even.”

For most people, the T-zone – which includes the nose – is oily. To avoid makeup smudging around this area, Emmanuelle shares a tip to avoid the nose area while applying foundation. “Just take the powder and mattify the area,” she adds. Additionally, she also recommends using long-wear and matte formulations.

Skincare Tips for Sweat-proofing The Makeup

sweat-proofing the makeup

Apart from using hydrating formulas and avoiding layering of products, skincare tips are more significant while sweat-proofing the makeup. Emmanuelle suggests warming up the product in between the palms, dabbing it on the cheeks and the leftover amount on the forehead. “Apply the product on the T-zone at the end as it’s oilier for most people; if need be, you can skip the nose at times to avoid greasiness,” she adds.

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