Fabergé Has A Game Of Thrones Jewellery Collection For The Fan In You

Fabergé X GOT FI

In what has been pegged as a major pop culture moment, the egg on Instagram has officially been displaced by Messi’s post as the most liked picture on Instagram. Which should bring everyone to the conclusion that eggs are immensely popular, but perhaps none as much as the ones from the House of Fabergé . The eggs are exquisitely crafted and considered prized possessions, and rightfully so. A quick search will reveal that most coveted Fabergé egg is currently valued at 33 million dollars.

Now, the world’s most iconic jeweller of timepieces, objets d’art and jewellery has created a Game Of Thrones high jewellery collection and ELLE caught up with Liisa Tallgren, Head of Design at Fabergé for a chat about all things Game of Thrones, jewellery and more. 

ELLE: Tell us a little about this collection and how it came to be?

Liisa Tallgren: This high jewellery collection is a continuation of the collaboration that started with the Fabergé x Game of Thrones egg objet. It felt like a perfect match, because of the eggs, the dragons and the other animals since Fabergé is known for the animal figurines that were made before 1917 and of course the Imperial eggs. The costumes in the TV series are full of intricate details and textures, another distinctive feature shared with Fabergé.

ELLE: Why did you decide to introduce this collection now, given that the Game of Thrones fandom might have moved on to House of Dragon?

LT: Game of Thrones is an iconic show that will undoubtedly stay in people’s minds for a long time to come and I believe it will continue to inspire and influence creatives in future in one way or another. The Fabergé x Game of Thrones egg objet was very well received and that encouraged us to extend the collaboration.

ELLE: Which of the pieces were the most challenging to design? Why was this?

LT: I was most worried about the ear cuffs. They needed to have visual volume but be light enough to be comfortable and not fall off. In the end they turned out very well.

 ELLE: Will we see more pop culture inspired pieces from Fabergé?

 LT: Yes! We recently announced our James Bond 007 partnership, and we have some new exciting plans, so watch this space.

- Digital Editor


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