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Face yoga

Taking a lot of stress and pressure can lead to wrinkles, unpleasant skin texture, skin loosening, and other problems. These circumstances demonstrate how a stressful and tense lifestyle can hasten and accelerate the ageing process. This condition might make you appear much older than you are and have an impact on you look! So many people have overcomplicated skincare routines and spend a lot of money on pricey skincare products. Some people even rely on surgery, that might not be for everyone! Fortunately, there is another way to keep facial problems and signs of ageing under control – The Face Yoga by Vibhuti Arora way!

What is Face Yoga?

Face yoga is an amalgamation of yoga-like body postures and specific facial
exercises that assist in improving the appearance of your skin. This is a non-invasive holistic facial workout with countless benefits!


What are the benefits of Face Yoga?

There are exceptional Face Yoga techniques that can turn back the hands of time
and give you youthful, glowing skin. Face Yoga helps to create a firm, sculpted and contoured facial structure. The benefits don’t end here- it also helps alleviate stress and tension it can literally take 5 years off your face!


How does it work?

Facial muscles are the foundation of our skin, face yoga techniques by Vibhuti Arora help in toning and strengthening these muscles. Face Yoga exercises promote healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout the face and make it easier for nutrients to reach the top layer of the skin, resulting in revitalised skin.


When can you see the results?

Almost instantly, you will feel a difference in your skin and with time a more concrete result will appear. Your skin type and regular practice of face yoga both play a vital role in determining how soon you will be able to see the results.

Ministry of Ayush certified Yoga & Face Yoga expert Vibhuti Arora says, ‘’We cannot stop ageing and must embrace it but we can reverse the signs of ageing!’’

‘’We all have saggy skin, wrinkles, under-eye skin issues and just by adding simple and effective face yoga exercises, you can reverse ageing and attain glowing skin!’’

Who is it for?

  • Do you have a double chin and want a defined jawline?
  • Do you have under eye wrinkles and darkness?
  • Do you have saggy skin around your neck?
  • Do you have nasolabial folds/ laugh lines?
  • Do you have drooping jowls?
  • Do you want a non-invasive facelift?
  • Do you have a puffy face?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, Face Yoga is for YOU.
To make face yoga accessible to everyone House of Beauty has launched Face Yoga weekly and monthly classes starting from 4th April.

Weekly Face Yoga classes at just Rs.799!
& Monthly Face Yoga classes at just Rs. 1999!

Morning Batch- 11 am, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Evening Batch- 6 pm, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


For more information on Face Yoga and holistic wellness:

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Email: customercare@houseofbeautyindia.com

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