Face Yoga Experts List Their Go-To Exercises To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Double Chin exercises

Order up…One chiselled jawline!

Given that we are glued to our screens more than ever and a sedentary lifestyle, we are in need of some face yoga, pronto! And I say that while typing tirelessly on my laptop. The irony! However, the end result of the habit, sadly so, is a pull at the jowl area causing saggy skin under the chin commonly referred to as double chin.

Usually associated with weight gain, which is not the only reason for a double chin, it is an extra layer of fat that’s substantial enough to form a wrinkle below the chin. People with skinny demeanours also have double chins because the causes of double chin vary from genetics, ageing skin to facial structure or even poor postures. While some of these causes are beyond our control, we can try a few effective facial exercises to achieve an attractive jawline.

Aditi Shorewal, founder of Lilaa Organic Skincare and a certified face yoga coach shares her go-to yoga techniques to deal with the double-chin. These exercises will help in lifting, toning and firming the chin muscles and boost collagen production while draining out toxins accumulated under the skin. 

According to Aditi, it is advisable to begin any exercise with a warm-up that increases blood flow to the muscles and reduces the chances of soreness and injuries.

Warm-up exercise: Gently tilt the head backwards (in case of neck issues, one needs to be extra careful or practice it in the presence of a practitioner), keep your lips together, and bring the tip of your tongue up and down the roof of the mouth at a rate of one per second. Do that for one minute and come back to the forward position, relax your face, and take a deep breath.

After a couple of rounds of the warm-up, perform the following exercises.

1. Swan Neck

Chiselled Jawline Swan Neck

Begin the exercise by looking straight ahead. Turn your head to the right so that it is in line with your right shoulder. Tilt the head backwards and hold for six to eight seconds. Return the head to the forward position. Turn your head to the left and repeat the process with your left shoulder. Now tilt your head back and hold for six to eight seconds. Repeat the process up to three times. This exercise works on the platysma muscle, and helps lift and tone it. It also reduces the tension at the sides and back of the neck.

2. Jowl Buster

Place the top of your fingers of either hand under the chin. Rest the elbow of the same arm on the palm of the other hand. Create resistance by pushing the chin onto the fingers and the fingers towards the chin. Hold for three deep breaths. It is great for firming jowls and loose skin under the chin. Using the tops of the fingers of both hands gently tap the lower chin, alternating between each hand for fifteen seconds. This exercise is wonderful for boosting the collagen and elastin to firm this area.

3. Lymphatic Drainage

Chiselled Jawline

Make a hook with your index finger and middle finger, place your chin between them and gently slide from the centre of the chin towards the ears. Lift and repeat it five times on each side. Then drain the excess fluid down from the sides of your neck by running the palms of your hands down the neck towards the chest. This helps in lymphatic drainage, reducing excess fluids and toxins, which otherwise causes swelling and puffiness.

Vibhuti Arora, face yoga expert and founder of House of Beauty shared the following exercises – 

4. The Lioness Face

Chiselled Jawline Yoga

Take a deep breath by joining your fists together to get into the pose. Ensure that you tightly hold every facial muscle of your face and neck for 5 seconds while you breathe in. Now release your breath with pressure creating the sound ‘Ha’ from the mouth while you exhale. While you release the breath, open your mouth and eyes wide and stretch your tongue out. The posture will primarily help in smoothing the texture of the skin while giving you an overall glow. There will be an overall incorporation of facial stress relief with breath coordination.

5. Air Kisses

Chiselled Jawline Face Yoga

Start the exercise by pouting your lips 70%. Tilt your head upwards and start blowing air kisses or blow out air towards the ceiling to the count of 20. Try pouting and reaching your lips as high up in the air as possible, the higher you strive the better the burn. Repeat the exercise thrice. It is a powerful exercise for burning the jawline fat for a beautiful pout.

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