Demystifying Facial Tools: Difference Between Gua Sha And Kansa Wand That No One Told You About

Facial tools

Despite being a beauty writer for almost three years, I stumbled into the world of facial tools much later than my counterparts. However, the journey into exploring them has been an insightful one. Facial tools aren’t a newfound miracle, they have been around for much longer than we realise, especially the gua sha and the Kansa wand. These tools found a permanent place in our vanities when the unforeseen pandemic confined us to our homes and we found solace in self-care.

There are a variety of facial tools and it’s imperative to know the use and benefits of each. Kansa wand and gua sha are often used as a remedy for puffy skin and lymphatic drainage but both target different concerns.


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“The gua sha focuses on sculpting and defining the face, and you can see results more immediately with each use. The shape of the gua sha matches the curve of the cheek muscles, allowing you to sculpt the face more precisely,” says Michelle Ranavat, founder of the celebrated Ayurvedic brand, Ranavat Organics. She further explains that the Kansa wand’s dome shape relaxes facial muscles, releases tension, and can also be used on other marma points on the body to relieve stress. “The Kansa wand balances the pH of the skin repairing it and calming inflammation. It also increases circulation, depuffing and giving your skin an overall glow results of which are seen over time with continued use,” adds Michelle. 

Dr Madhuri, dermatologist and founder of Yavana Aesthetics shares the same opinion. “Both of these tools can be used for relaxing all forms of facial tension, however, it is of utmost importance to know the correct technique to utilise these tools,” she says. Along with this, maintaining the hygiene of your tools is also equally crucial, since failure to do so could lead to abrasions and excessive bruising.

Facial Tools: What Is Gua Sha And Its Benefits

Concerns Targeted: Puffiness, Inflammation, Stiffness

With its roots deeply embedded in ancient Chinese culture, the gua sha has been a part of the wellness space for centuries now. Initially used to provide relief against sore muscles by scraping your body, the usage of this tool has slowly evolved and is prominently used for the face. The gua sha has a variety of options you can choose from, right from jade stone to rose quartz and even black obsidian.


This tool single-handedly can help you kiss your puffy morning face goodbye! It helps at assisting with lymphatic drainage and makes sure that any inflammation is soothed down instantly. It also works effectively to sculpt and define the face, so your cheekbones and jawline are definitely going to thank you after this!

Facial Tools: Understanding Kansa Wand 

Concerns Targeted: Acne Breakouts, Dull Skin, Imbalanced Body

An underrated facial tool, the Kansa wand has its roots at home, in India. An eminent part of Ayurveda, this facial tool is probably older than the gua sha. Tradition tells us that the metal used to create the Kansa wand was used in making dining plates and glasses because it had the power to balance out the acidity in the body and maintain its pH level. Slowly, this found its way to our beauty vanity.


Along with helping with puffiness and lymphatic drainage, the Kansa wand is known for a variety of other benefits too! Its metal ball helps in skin detox and maintains its pH level. All of this results in lesser breakouts, smoothening of fine lines and a lifted face. Who wouldn’t want that?

Depending on your skin’s needs, choose one of the two. Here are our best options to pick from.

Ranavat, Kansa Wand


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Shankara, Kansa Wand

Ohria Ayurveda, Kansa Wand

Ras Luxury Oils, Jade Gua Sha

Dromen Co, Black Obsidian Gua Sha

Nykaa Naturals, Gua Sha

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