Falguni Shane Peacock Present Forward Momentum – Chapter 20 At New York Fashion Week


Falguni Shane Peacock’s Fall/Winter 2024 New York Fashion Week showcase presents ‘Forward Momentum – Chapter 20’ — a collection that marks a milestone moment in the brand’s journey. It’s a celebration of two decades of innovation, elegance, and an unwavering passion for fashion. “Forward Momentum” not only represents the brand’s steadfast progress but also its tireless evolution of style and sophistication.

This collection draws inspiration from the enigmatic allure of the femme fatale, symbolising power, intrigue, and timeless elegance. The femme fatale—paraphrasing Mildred Pierce—enters the room with impeccable dressing, exuding self-assuredness. She is described as “the kind of woman every soul in the room wants!” This smart, confident, seductive, and powerful character embodies a mysterious and aloof yet paradoxically accessible sexuality. The collection pays homage to the strength and depth they’ve embraced over the years, reflecting the multifaceted nature of a femme fatale and mirroring it in their journey. “We not only enjoy the process of creating the collection, but we truly relish the entire journey of staging a show at New York Fashion Week,” says Falguni Peacock.

The collection begins to unfold with elegantly simple yet intricately detailed dresses, gradually evolving into exquisite statement pieces. From long jackets to short and crop jackets, to dresses featuring intelligently placed cutouts and 3D floral embellishments, where the diversity of styles is infused to attract the attention of the fashion-forward. Furthermore, it offers straight long cutout skirts crafted with luxurious materials such as soft wool and cashmere. Additionally, there are cashmere sweaters and dresses for those who prefer a chic and sleek look.

As you delve deeper into the collection, it adopts a darker, more enigmatic tone, all while retaining the femme fatale allure. Towards the climax of this collection, the signature Falguni Shane Peacock gowns make an entrance, each meticulously adorned with shimmering elements and enhanced by intricate fabric details, introducing a fresh dimension to every ensemble.

The colour palette, too, resonates with the brand’s journey, featuring colours that have been a mainstay for the fashion house since the beginning of its venture into the world of fashion. An array of colours makes an appearance but in a redefined way where two colours are placed diametrically together, creating a harmonious blend. Imagine a subtle cloud apple green gown accented with lightning silver, a delicate blush gown adorned with striking red embellishments, and a bold black storm gown teeming with alluring details. Metallic, being a cornerstone colour in Falguni Shane Peacock’s palette through the years, includes a dulcet silver pewter with a dash of enchanting Corydalis Blue—another key colour for the brand. Several gowns in the collection exhibit a mesmerising two-toned effect, synonymous with the dual energies that Falguni Peacock and Shane Peacock bring to the collection.

The collection is crafted using two formidable sartorial forces, viz. exquisitely detailed elements and luxe fabrics, creating an aesthetic rooted in the brand’s classic sensibilities while leaning towards being uniquely experimental. The range showcases garments that possess an edgy and asymmetrical allure while being adorned with meticulous detailing throughout. Within this spectrum, the brand has also introduced fabric textures imbued with rugged edges, infusing a touch of raw beauty into their creations.

With the unveiling of this collection, the fashion house celebrates its glorious past while also looking towards a promising future. For the duo behind the successful fashion brand of 20 years, ‘Forward Momentum’ is more than a name; it is the beginning of momentum that will culminate into a legacy in the years to come.  “Our passion extends beyond creating the collection to the excitement of showcasing it at New York Fashion Week,” says Shane Peacock.

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