You’ll Be Rocking Either A Blonde Or Brown Mane In October 2022

Hair Colours Fall 2022

For every fall meme shared by a desi, there is a naysayer commenting “But we don’t have that season in India!”. Truth be told, for lovers of pumpkin spiced lattes, fall is a mood, not season. This means that you can partake in All Things Fall – fashion, food and beauty trends; even when it is smouldering hot outside. One of our personal fall favourite is the new hair colour trend that pops up. The monsoon damage on your tresses can be quickly turned over with a fresh colour update and 2022 is the year for Fall Browns and Blondes.

5 Fall Hair Colours To Try In 2022!

1. Mocha Brown

Ana De Armas famously wore blonde tresses for her recent Marilyn Monroe release but was also on-point off screen with her natural ‘do. A darker, deep hue that won’t need pre-lightening to show, you do not have to be a coffee-lover to order up this tint at the salon. A global dye job with mocha brown will be the better option; naturally-black Indian hair can often eat up dark brown pigments when added as highlights or lowlights. It is an easy to wear pick from some of the more radical hair colours we have on this list. So lazy girls can get this one to go!

2. Honey Blonde

Here’s a simple tip for Indian hair types going blonde – if you’re taking the plunge to a level 8-9 bleach, opt for the honey blonde over the classic, golden tint. Honey blondes have a red or brown undertone and don’t turn brassy with the slightest persuasion. The tone looks luxurious, the finish sleek and remains flattering on deeper skin tones. Make sure to take yourself to a proper consultation to understand if your tresses can handle the bleach because the colour can lose sheen if there’s excessive damage, regardless the pricey plex used to help repair the ends!

3. Grown-Out Platinum Blonde


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This one is a no-brainer for people who went platinum blonde during the pandemic and never went back (guilty as charged!). There is a tiny update to the platinum tresses trend though, skip your next root touch-up appointment. Grown out roots, sometimes paired with darker lowlights in midnight black or deep purple, is how you’re supposed to wear the look now. For beginners who did not fall into the bleach temptation (lucky!), start with ashy or starlight ends and then move up – spare your natural roots though!

4. Smokey Chestnut


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This one is another ideal option for natural brunettes to try a new colour without having to commit to pre-lightening. The smokey chestnut shade features subtle undertones of brown and is topped up with ashy black. The mellow shade looks lovely with various skin tones and when framed around the face, helps soften your features too. A minimal colour job that focuses on smooth texture over glossy shine, this one feels as heavenly as it looks!

5. Ornamental Brown

Speaking of glossy shine, if you’re a fan of OTT, ‘Lit’ tresses, we’ve got you covered there. We’re calling it ornamental brown – glossy brown hair interspersed with metallic copper/caramel shades to match the actual bling in your outfit. And given that the festive season is upon us, this trendy hair colour will fit your ensembles like a glove.

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