Celebrity Stylists Talk About The Family Jewellery Heirlooms They Hold Close To Their Heart


Heirlooms stand for a family’s heritage, wealth, and priceless memories. They are symbols for narratives that should be told and maintained forever. They are more than just things. For an heirloom to continue to hold value, future generations must comprehend its significance to the family’s history. For such associations make these bequests a special reminder from someone. For our luxury issue, we feature five fashion stylists who have embraced their legacy with pride as present-day keepers of classic.

Jhanvi Pallicha, Celebrity & Fashion Stylist

On Jhanvi Pallicha: Denim trench coach by Kanika Goyal Label.
Women’s 90’s 501 jeans by Levi’s India.
Heart shaped freshwater pearl studs by HANNAN Jewelry.
Iriza 85 by Christian Louboutin.

“Almost seven decades old, my paternal grandmother’s versatile necklace consists of freshwater pearls and a heart-shaped motif made from an elephant’s tusk. It’s been passed down from my grandmother to my mother on her wedding day. Though my grandmother is no more, whenever I put it on, it draws me closer to her.”

Neha Chugh, Fashion Stylist

On Neha Chugh: Tulum skirt by 431-88.
Midnight whispers crop top by Āroka.
Fawn cuff in silver, Sirena cuff in silver, mini Sun studs, gold stackable pebble ring, all by MISHO.
Gold wavy bangles, mismatch earrings, silver adjustable Dome ring, all by Dashia.

“The most priceless artefact that initially belonged to my grandmother is this sacred bangle which aids in preserving her memories. It was handed down to my mother after my grandma passed away.”

Ritika Sachdeva, Celebrity/Fashion Stylist & Fashion Consultant

On Ritika Sachdeva: Cropped blazer, trousers, both by 431-88.
Draped tube top by H&M.
Sabi rings, Radhika Agrawal Studio.
Gem-strap slingback pumps, by Charles & Keith.

“It was around 40 years ago that my grandfather gifted this classic Gujarati jewellery to my grand-mother. It holds a deep sentimental value for my family to keep the memories alive.”

Jainee Bheda, Celebrity & Fashion Stylist

On Jainee Bheda: Tuxedo collar blazer with belt, long flowing trousers, both by ZARA.
Rosalie by Christian Louboutin.

“This piece of jewellery is a tangible memory that I inherited from my grandmother. This unique gold classic neck-lace is also adorned by my mother dearly. Being a stylist, I can safely say that my heirloom piece can be styled in ways that can add value to any look.”

Ruchi Krishna, Senior Costume Stylist at Mohit Rai

On Ruchi Krishna: Black blazer with bejeweled buttons, black trouser, INR 17,500, both by 431-88.
Gold earrings, gold rings, PALMONAS.

“This Pashmina shawl, which belonged to my paternal grandmother, was given to my mother and has become a wearable piece of family history. Since it is a priceless heirloom, it has a special emotional connection for all of us.”

ELLE India Editor: Ainee Nizami Ahmedi Photographer: Aneev Rao Jr. Fashion Editor: Shaeroy A Chinoy (creative direction) Asst. Art Director: Sanjana Suvarna (art direction) Words: Vaishnavi Mishra Hair & Makeup: Daniel Bauer Makeup Academy Bookings Editor: Alizaa Fatmaa Assisted by: Jade Christina (styling); Priyal Varma & Zehra Ahmedi (bookings) Location Courtesy: The Honest Studios

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- Junior Fashion Writer

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