Fan Theories Of 5 Shows And Movies We Secretly Hope Are True

fan theories

Do you know what’s way more exciting than the actual show or movie releasing? The number of fan theories that emerge before and after it!  Fanclubs of various shows come up with the most interesting theories, spanning from character arcs to cameos and possible plot lines that sometimes seem a tad bit cooler than the actual storyline. We give you some of the craziest fan theories of recent and upcoming films and series that will surely blow your mind! Also, sorry not sorry for spoilers, so read at your own risk.

1. The Emily In Paris And YOU Crossover

Now that YOU ends with Joe Goldberg reaching Paris at the end of Season 3, fans believe there’s a possibility that his next victim is…drumroll…Emily Cooper herself. Can you imagine Joe stalking Emily tho? She takes a selfie of everything! So imagine a scene where she’s scrolling through her photos and suddenly finds a creepy dude just randomly staring at her. Or even worse, her fans realise there’s a stalker through her series of Instagram posts. Okay, we’ll stop, our imagination is running too wild. But yes, as fans of both the shows, we don’t mind seeing this crossover and seeing how things turn around.

fan theories

2. Samantha Jones In Emily In Paris Season 3

Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) may not have made it to the SATC reboot, And Just Like That (the writer sends her to London for work). However, fans believe there’s a chance Samantha could get in touch with Emily. Here’s how–at the end of Emily in Paris season two, Emily considers traveling abroad. Fans have suggested it’s possible for her to come across a particular public relations manager aka Samantha. The proposed crossover also supports the show’s narrative, which is, Samantha is a PR executive, and Emily, on the other hand, is a marketing executive. Now wouldn’t that be epic?

fan theories
Emily Cooper And Samantha Jones

3. The Wildest Theories Of Marvel’s Upcoming Doctor Strange

While there are multiple fan theories around the forthcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, here are some which we definitely wish turn out to be true. One suggests that there will be multiple variants of both Doctor Strange and Wanda. Another fascinating theory has fans speculating that Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home isn’t the real one but instead is Magneto (the villain from Spider-Man: Far From Home), Loki, or the demon Mephisto–the character in Marvel Comics who has fought, bargained with, and tricked heroes like Thor, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange himself.


The trailer also has a mili-second glimpse of a glowing, orange screen behind Wanda, which fans think could be the Timedoor from the show Loki. This hints at two things–either Doctor Strange is actually Loki or Wanda discovers the existence of the TVA (Time Variance Authority) through her exploration of the secrets of the Darkhold from WandaVision. And the last theory suggests an introduction to MCU’s newbie, Miss America aka America Chavez, whose superpower is traveling through the multiverse with ease. This ability could be a significant one in the film as she’s known to create star-shaped portals, as seen in the trailer.


4. The Father In The Upcoming Spinoff How I Met Your Father 

Making her TV return, Hillary Duff plays the lead character of modern-day, love-lost Sophie who’s on a mission to find herself The One in How I Met Your Father. While it’s already established that the series will see a new cast, fans from How I Met Your Mother are speculating that the OG characters like Robin or Marshall could make cameos in the spinoff. But the most exciting theory is the one that says that Barney could be the father of Sophie’s son. We know that Barney hooked up with an unknown woman in HIMYM and has a daughter named Ellie. But Sophie narrates the story to her son of how she met his father, so fans think that Barney (being the womanizer he is) must have had an affair with Sophie one time and fathered her baby (which he didn’t know about). Whoa, that escalated quickly.


5. Why Mirabel Was The Only One To Not Get A Gift In Disney’s Encanto

Watched the film already and have the same question? Let’s uncover it. The most plausible explanation suggested by a Reddit user is that Mirabel is linked to the Casita, the enchanted home linked by the magical candle. Here’s why. Alma (the head of the Madrigal family) who has a unique link to the candle to keep the magic alive in the family would need a successor, and Mirabel seems like the only fit since she doesn’t possess any powers. Plus, Mirabel is the one who finally brings back the magic to the house when they are rebuilding it (after being shattered earlier in the film). This suggests that Mirabel may be the Madrigal family member most closely connected to the magical house. Third, Mirabel is the only character, besides Alma who can communicate effectively with the house. We pretty much agree! Do you?


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