Farm Fresh Cocktails, Delicious Meals–Here’s Why Saltt, Karjat Deserves A Visit


All of us crave long weekend getaways after a hectic work week. And what better way to achieve that than heading out of the busy city? We recommend a short, yet rejuvenating escape, to a restaurant nestled in the lap of lush greenery. Saltt, Karjat is a farm restaurant that sits pretty in the picturesque Oleander Farms, just about 1.5 hours away from Mumbai.

Run by the Ahuja family (with the young Aaliya Ahuja as its Director), every corner of the 100-acre family farm house tells a story. From the furniture, upholstery, lights to unique accessories, every element at Saltt was chosen by the family members. So expect plenty of warmth and lots of positive vibes.


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Having opened its doors earlier this year, Saltt has already gained a strong presence among travellers of all age groups. Keen to know what the hype around it was, I stopped by for a visit only to realise there’s so much more to this space, besides the decadent meals. Here’s how I spent my day.

A Wholesome Breakfast At The Coffee House

Pro tip: Skip breakfast at home and start your day with a hearty meal at the Coffee House here. The cosy in-house, all-day cafe presents an array of options to choose from. We tried the Smoked Chicken Wrap, Ragi Chocolate Pancake, Spinach Ricotta Corn Crepe and Tiramisu. Other must-try recommendations include Red Harissa Shakshuka, Avocado Burrata Waffle Sandwich and the Teriyaki Bowl (available in Tofu, Paneer or teriyaki chicken). Beat the heat with coolers such as the Classic Saltt Signature Lemon Iced Tea and Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

Ragi Chocolate Pancakes
Coffee House Interiors

Sipping On Farm Fresh Cocktails

A fan of gin? Then you’ll love the newly introduced cocktail menu that predominantly features this spirit and is inspired by farm fresh Ingredients. I tried six cocktails but for me, the Elixir (an earthy and gingery drink with turmeric-infused gin, ginger honey, citrus and tonic serve with rosemary) and Vanderkraft (a floral and refreshing drink including Blu Gin, tonic water, elderflower and citrus) were the clear winners.


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The Guava Paloma is a light drink for those who like fruits and spices. It features cilantro, chilly, guava, and green apple with soda and gin/tequila. See yourself as more of a flowery cocktails person? Try the signature Magic Mushroom, a mix of blue gin, elderflower, basil, cucumber and sparkling wine–a drink that’s big on spirit and theatrics! An off-beat recommendation includes Saltt’s Milk Punch with Gold Rum which comes with orange, pineapple, roasted almond, coconut milk all topped off with a clear ice block and charred orange wedge. I am not a fan of the coconut flavour but if you are, you will love this tropical drink. For those who can’t choose between beer and gin, opt for the Malty Tonic. This interesting drink features a classic G&T with a shot glass of beer dipped in it so that when you take a large sip, both blend to give you the best of both worlds.

Saltt’s Milk Punch

Devouring Mouth-Watering Meals 

We’re heading straight to the point–don’t leave Saltt without tasting their fresh-outta-the-oven sourdough bread pizzas! It’s got all the things every pizza lover wants–a thin crust base with loads of cheese and delicious toppings. We loved the flavours in the Cajun Chicken Pizza. The restaurant features a mix of European, Asian and Indian cuisine. Love Chinese food? Opt for the Butter Garlic Prawns and Basil Chilli Chicken. But if you’re a sucker for Indian cuisine all day everyday, you must try Bharwan Aloo Chaat, Mini Kulcha and biryani. End your meal on a sweet note with the Salted Caramel Mousse. If you’re full, but still need something to satisfy those sweet cravings, go for something light such as the Tres Leches dessert.

Mini Kulcha
Tres Leches

What’s More?

A section dedicated to stunning vintage cars and a wine cellar housing some of the world’s best wine bottles! Plant lovers can head to the little nursery Kensho Greenery. The highlight? You can make your own plant from scratch and take it home–my inner plant mom was proud. The property also houses a Coco Cart Store filled with chocolates and homegrown label Akashi for shopping enthusiasts. Trust me, you’ll need these little breaks in between to walk around the property so that all that food is digested and then you can binge on some more of that deliciousness.

Vintage Cars at Saltt

By now, you get the drift–there’s more to Saltt than just its lush greenery. While I headed home in the evening (courtesy of work the next day), I highly recommend staying in till dinner just to enjoy the lovely weather and surroundings, which look even prettier when lit up. Is Saltt worth the hype? My answer is, 100% yes.


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