Fashion Forecast 2023: 5 Trends We’re Pumped For & 5 Which Can Take A Backseat


The cycle of trends is akin to change. Every year, every season there’s a thorough recycling that decides the fate of what’s in & what’s not. But don’t let that serve as a deterrence from wearing what you desire. Curating a wardrobe that stays true to your vision is always the end-goal, no matter what a magazine, celebrity or influencer may tell you.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration to diversify your sartorial game, we’re always here. Let’s look at 5 trends which we’re fervently psyched to try & 5 trends that can maybe take a backseat in 2023.

Trends We’re Pumped For:

1. Asymmetrical Silhouettes

Giorgio Armani

Give it up for the free-flowing fits fan-club. Oversized clothing has had a moment for years & so, it’s finally time for its slightly elder, more demure & sophisticated sibling to shine. Characterized by askew tailoring & loosely hanging fabric panels, age’s no bar when it comes to taking this one out for a spin.

2. Modern Gothic Revivalism


If you’re a Wednesday (Netflix) fan, hope you have a field day reading this. Catapulting the all-black, sultry-goth aesthetic to the forefront, this trend rooted in gloom & melancholy will by no means abate your spirits. Can’t guarantee the mothership’s reaction to the trend though. Expect a cold frown.

3. Lingerie As Outerwear


Should we rename this trend as Blair Waldorf-core? Pretty sure some tumblr & Pinterest pages already have, but still. The new modifications aren’t limited to slip dresses & lacy camisoles but have carved some space for sheer overlays, sexier granny panty converts & brassiere reinterpretations. As outerwear, of course.

4. Unhinged Typography

Hailey Bieber

The ‘Baby On Board’ number by Alia & Mrs. Bieber’s two cents (albeit sartorially) on the nepo baby discourse has stirred up quite the storm. Safe to say, the fashion industry will be capitalizing on this slogan trend’s comeback & how! We’re excited for what the future holds – especially the hot takes that’ll see the light of the day.

5. Confluence Of Workwear & Casuals


In the post pandemic world, while most of us are still reeling from the wfh mandate’s winding up, relaxed office hours & lenient dress codes are the way to go. Enter a hybrid of casuals & formals. Less fitted silhouettes, more drapery & room to experiment – this is how we envision 2023’s corporate offering.

Trends We’d Rather Forget About:

1. Corset Tops

Corset tops have had a nice run for a couple years given the aggressive revival of regency-core, spearheaded by the Bridgerton fandom. But maybe it’s time we bid adieu to this one. It’ll be back for sure, but till then let’s breathe comfortably in our free-flowing kaftans.

2. Swirl Prints

This psychedelic throwback print definitely had the mass production market in a chokehold with varying renditions in colors, sizes & repeat patterns. Mostly favoured by the younger lot aka the Gen Z, we don’t mind showing this one the door. FYI, we’re now gravitating to its woke cousin which goes by the name ‘aura print.’ Since it’s all about the ~vibes~ apparently.

3. Top-To-Toe Neons


Ah this never dies down. Every other season, despite our sincerest efforts to quell the wrath of these walking talking traffic lights, one celeb decides to throw on a neon number & down the drain goes our rallying. Let’s leave this one in 2022, please.

4. Waiter-Core For The Guys

The masculine urge to wear the most drab looking black & white suit & attend what could be called the most important event of your life. What are the stylists doing? Level up folks. 2023 calls for splashing colours, eccentric cuts & fabric exploration in the formals department of menswear.

5. Micro Purses


Popularised by the French brand Jacquemus, the micro mini bag has reigned the market for quite a while, but maybe it’s time to shift our focus to roomy totes & oversized bags in 2023. Spotlight on the huge Sabyasachi tote everyone’s been eyeing. Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Images via Getty & Pinterest

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