Fashion Icons That Sparked Iconic Trends

Ever slip on a classic black dress and wonder what happened to make it a fashion staple? It was probably one of these leading ladies, who pulled of the hottest fashions and made them trends. Backless sari blouses, sheer saris, platform shoes and the fringe all perpetuated by pop culture and your favourite actresses. All it takes to make an outfit reach cult status is for a fashion icon like Kareena Kapoor or Kim Kardashian to be spotted in it.

Our favourite trends started by these fashion icons:

The little black dress, Audrey Hepburn

While everyone has a go to LBD, the original classic obsession was sparked by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You can’t go wrong with black, it’s simple, it’s slimming and it’s a classic. The iconic imagery of Audrey Hepburn in a slinky Givenchy column gown with her pearl necklace and cigarette holder will always be the level of chis we struggle to aspire to when putting on our black dresses.

The fringe, Sadhana

Love in Shimla didn’t just mark Sadhana’s debut it marked the debut of the fringe in India. The fringe may have been intended to hide Sadhana’s ”too-wide” foreheadbut it soon became a trend that college girls in the 60s sported. The cut that is till date known in the country as the Sadhana cut became the actresses signature look not just on screen but off it too.

The Kelly bag, Grace Kelly

While the Hermes Kelly bag is a constant fixture on the wishlist of most fashionistas, it remains a celebrity staple. Old or millennial, the bag in its various forms has withstood the test of time. It would be fitting to assume that Grace Kelly, the Princess of Chic Monaco inspired the bag, but she didn’t. Grace Kelly simply fell in love with the trapeze shaped accessory on the sets of a film she was shooting. During her pregnancy she was said to have purchased the bag in every colour to hide her baby bump, polurising teh design in paprazzi shots.  The bag came to be known as the Kelly bag and was officially named so by Hermes nearly twenty years later.

Bold red lips, Rekha

Rekha’s film career is the original make-up tutorial guide to sporting bold red lips. The actress may not have been the one to spark the trend but she wore them so well they soon became synonymous with her. The actress always maintains perfectly applied red lipstick, not too matte and not too glossy. A look she sports till date, eaither with exaggerated winged liner or on a bare face

Platform shoes, Spice Girls

The platform shoe was never a fashion staple until the British pop sensation, The Spice Girls sported the heel in various shapes and colours. But with the rising popularity of the band, the demand for the shoe also increased. It was at this point that the manufacturers doubled production to keep up with demand for the platform shoe.

The backless sari blouse, Madhuri Dixit

The double clasp- backless sari blouse became the height of fashion after her performance in Didi tera dewan diwana. The purple sequence sari paired with the blouse was an iconic look, the blouses style soon became a hit on the wedding fashion circuit. Women across India were running to their tailors with this image as a reference point.

Naked dressing, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may honestly be one of the most experimental women out there. Not to mention her Instagram following ensures everything Kim posts becomes an international trend. Kim’s been documenting her transformation on her social media platforms, the transition to sheer materials and a nude colour palette. Kim’s been experimenting with various materials, layers and designers to make sure her vibe is on point.

Sheer saris, Kareena Kapoor

Kareena KApoor has played muse to best friend/ fashion designer for years but her iconic moments in fashion have gone from the runway and screen to real life. The sheer saris are in line with tradition with the right amount of exposure and no one rocks them like Kareena Kapoor. The actress likes to experiment with her blouses but the sheer sari seems to be the staple in her wardrobe.

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