Fashion In Its New Era: VĀSA Indica Launches An Exquisite Store In New Delhi

As a fashion enthusiast, I crave nothing more than variety and quality in my shopping experience. I like to keep up with the trends and have a closet which works for every occasion and season. And, if you wish for the same, you’ve come to the right spot. The fashion world is abuzz with the grand opening of VĀSA Indica, a revolutionary retail store that promises to reshape the landscape of Indian fashion.

Located in the heart of New Delhi, VĀSA Indica brings together the finest emerging designers from across the country, offering a curated collection that celebrates both traditional craftsmanship and modern design. This unique concept store is the brainchild of three visionary founders—Rishi, Devika, and Yuvraj—whose combined expertise and passion for fashion have culminated in this exciting new venture.


The inception of VĀSA Indica was serendipitous, born out of a casual conversation during a family trip in Thailand. “Over drinks, we stumbled upon the idea,” recalls Rishi, who has already established two successful D2C brands. He noted the challenges of scaling such brands and the need to explore other channels.

Devika’s successful Yellow Blossom exhibition showcased the demand for a premium, tactile shopping experience. Yuvraj, a strategy consultant, introduced multi-channel retailing to let brands focus on creativity. This sparked further exploration, leading to VĀSA Indica’s launch weeks later.

The journey to establish the first VĀSA store was not without its challenges. “Finding our ideal store location in India, where high-quality retail real estate comprises only 4% of the market, was extremely challenging,” says Devika. Yet, their determination paid off, and the store’s location now perfectly complements its aesthetic and spatial configuration.

What sets VĀSA apart from other retail platforms is its commitment to the 3Cs: Curation, Customer, and Content. The store hosts over 70 innovative brands from across the country, pushing the boundaries of design and fashion. “Our emphasis is on prêt-à-porter, including a diverse range of western wear, resort wear, streetwear, everyday essentials, and light Indian wear,” explains Yuvraj. Unlike most retail outlets that focus heavily on Indian wear and couture, VĀSA’s collection avoids market saturation by offering a broad spectrum of choices to consumers.

Understanding the existence of a void in finding affordable yet premium prêt wear, VĀSA’s trained consultants are dedicated to delivering a wholesome and luxurious shopping experience. “At Vasa, the customer is at the heart of everything we do, from our collection to our store design and shopping experience,” expresses the founders.

VĀSA Indica plans to expand unique brands across India, handling operational challenges for designers to focus on creativity. Acting as a partner and incubator, they aim to elevate brands and support new designers, enriching India’s fashion scene.

With an ultimate objective to help the homegrown D2C brands expand, VĀSA, with the help of diversified channels plans to create a phygital retail space that will allow them to smoothly navigate through the ever-evolving industry. “Our business model will evolve with our growth and expansion,states the founders.

The founders of VĀSA Indica are dedicated to showcasing India’s creative talent by supporting indigenous brands that offer high-quality, affordable luxury fashion. With starting prices at INR 8,000, they aim to provide a memorable retail experience. Understanding D2C expansion challenges, VĀSA Indica offers end-to-end solutions, allowing designers to focus on creativity.

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