Be It A Breezy Day Or A Chic Night, Engage Has Got Your Back when It Comes To Smelling Fantastic

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Wearing our favourite perfume has so much more to do than just smelling good . In an era where we consciously or unconsciously choose almost everything we own to reflect our identity, fragrances are no exception. Since a very long time, fashion and fragrances have been intertwined.
We enjoy expressing our unique personal style when it comes to fashion. Similarly everyone wants their distinctive perfume to reflect their identity, mood, or attitude. We know that smells can elicit memories and emotions, elevating your look and tying it together from a sensorial perspective.

What was once considered a luxury has now become an essential accessory of our wardrobes to complete your look. Just as it is important to dress for an occasion to suit your personality, it is also important to choose a fragrance to suit your style. This is where ITC Engage, one of India’s leading fragrance companies, steps in with their latest collection of premium Eau De Parfums to amp up your fashion statement and give your day and night looks the final touch.Whether it’s a sophisticated, romantic night or a day filled with sunshine Engage has you covered.

1. Engage Verona

A classic fragrance for a women’s day look. Engage Verona with its citrus, fruity and floral notes mixed with the hints of addictive musk and nutmeg. Infused with sandalwood give a sense of playfulness and freshness. Perfect for brunch dates, casual meetings, gifting or even everyday looks.

Pair a yellow dress or even a bright yellow co-ord set with Engage Verona to start the day on a bright note.

2. Engage Indigo Skies

For men, this is a bright energising way to kickstart the day. Engage Indigo Skies is a fusion of aromatic lavender with rich earthy woody tones. The sparkling diffusion of bergamot and spices makes it a crisp, fresh and uplifting addition to your everyday morning routine or even casual meeting and brunch dates.

Sport a monochrome style or even an easy breezy yet classic white shirt and blue jeans, and let the beauty of the sky serve as your inspiration. Finish off with Engage Indigo blues to give it the finishing touch.

Engage Indigo Skies for Men | Day

3. Engage Fantasia

Inspired by the dynamic characteristics of women, Fantasia’s floral, citrusy, and spicy notes, mixed with vanilla and Tonka beans, make it ideal for women to complete the look for special dates, formal events, evenings, and even gifting.

Choose a fantastic magenta or deep red ruffled dress or a skirt and shirt co-ord, accessorise with gold jewellery to glam up your look, keeping it fiery, finish off with Engage Fantasia to make it complete.

4. Engage Amber hues

Amber hues represent liberation, making it a provocative and warm fragrances for the evening. This modern fougere is ideal for special occasions such as social and formal events, weddings, and meetings.

Combine the traditional blazer, trouser and chinos outfit in shades of white, beige, and tan to create a professional minimalistic mood for the evening. Use Engage Amber for impact.

Engage Amber Hues for Men | Night

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