Here’s What You Need To Know About Fast-Acting Hair Masks

restorative Hair Masks

Modern innovation in beauty is guided by specific needs – your daily essentials need to be effective and affordable and save you as much time and effort as possible. Yep, the new generation of beauty consumers also happen to be a largely impatient. They are usually on the go and have a short attention span which means the product needs to work and work fast. This is especially true with hair care when you can see immediate results as opposed to skincare, where improving the general appearance of one’s skin is a longer process. The need for fast and effective hair care products shows the sudden rise in the popularity of fast-acting deep conditioning hair masks. You are recommended to allow deep conditioning masks to stay on for at least 15-20 minutes for weekly nourishment or spa treatments; the new generation masks claim to work in 3-5 minutes. While I am personally a fan of my quick, fuss-free curl care masks, I wonder if they are as effective as weekly deep conditioning sessions.

Do Fast-Acting Hair Masks Work For All Hair Types?

fast acting Hair Masks

Yes, even the most-damaged, hydration-starved tresses can be revived with these formulas. A constant in my hair care regime is the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. It yields quality results within 5 to 7 minutes, focusing on repairing hair health and hydrating all hair types. Antonio Corral Calero, Global Creative Director, Moroccanoil, says, “The secret to its unmatched speed and performance comes down to advanced technology and high-grade ingredients.” The combination of high-quality materials and an innovative processing method allows for optimal results to show.

While I often cheat and leave the product on for longer, these formulas can be customised to length, thickness and quality of hair by how frequently you use them. Coloured or heat-damaged hair will benefit from a more frequent application, at least twice a week. Alternatively, for those in colder climates or who subject their hair to fewer damaging processes, once a week would suffice to give your hair the hydration it requires. Take note of your unique hair type and what it needs to get the best out of the innovative formula.

It’s All About Label-Checking For The Good Stuff

Hair Masks damaged hair

Another fast-acting hair mask I reach out for on busy days is the L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Serie Expert Absolut Repair Hair Mask. Trust me when I say my hair looks fluffy and soft even when I wash out the gold quinoa and wheat protein-infused mask in under 3 minutes. Its secret? It’s the formulations. Shweta Sahni, National Education Head – L’Oréal India, reveals, “Fast-action hair masks are packed with a mixture of intensely hydrating butters, natural oils, lipids, conditioning ingredients, hair softeners, and other essential hair strengthening ingredients”.

The formulation is rich in natural ingredients that help mend hair shaft damage and address potential damage from hair styling tools, chemical products, and harmful environmental aggressors. The natural ingredients that Shweta recommends looking out for? Almond oil, argan oil, wheat germ, primrose oil, keratin, and aloe vera! “However, there are a host of mask variants for every hair type and concern, enriched with unique ingredients that work on specific concerns,” she concludes.

Can They Replace Your Regular Conditioners?

A common mistake that many, including me, end up making is to switch their regular conditioners with fast-acting hair masks. Hey, they both take the same amount of time, so why not use them interchangeably and get more out of masking? However, experts recommend against this practice. “The truth is, conditioner and hair masks while having hydrating qualities in common, remain effectively two distinct products. They operate in alternate ways and achieve different results. Conditioner assists in detangling hair strands, whereas a mask addresses hydrating the whole body of hair and strengthening the hair bonds, from the inside-out,” explains Antonio. Plus, you can damage your hair by overusing certain hair masks. For instance, protein-rich restorative formulations can dehydrate the hair if used more than the recommended.

So, the next time you reach out for a hair mask, don’t be guilty of not leaving it for more than 3-5 minutes because that’s all you need to for fresh, fluffy, and hydrated hair.

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