Fastrack Automatics: Modern Take On Classic Watches

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Fastrack Automatics, the first automatic watch collection from the brand, is a contemporary classic watch for those who want to own a classic dripping with a modern fashion sensibility. 

It is time to wear time on your wrist differently. Style combined with precision, classic melded with contemporary. That is what Fastrack’s first automatic watch collection for men and women is all about. Titled the Automatics, this collection is a contemporary classic watch to suit your needs, your tastes in fashion as well as ideal for different occasions; its skeletal dial being a great conversation starter. 

The company’s latest watch collection features a range of watches that display the craft and precision of an automatic movement combined with Fastrack’s distinctive aesthetics. Each watch is powered by a high-quality proprietary Titan automatic movement that is self-winding, and will keep running as you go about your daily routine. These watches don’t just keep you ticking, they’ll have you trendsetting with their colourful plating. Get ready to serve up major style points for any outfit you choose to rock! 

Fastrack Automatics has three variants for men that features a multi-layered skeletal dial that presents a classy & distinguished look which is complemented by its high-quality leather strap with premium lining. The case is made of stainless steel with an aluminium bezel ring. Starting at Rs 9,995, watches for men come in varied plating colours.

The two variants designed for girls feature stainless steel cases and straps in two popular colours – classy rose gold and bold brown – which elevates your style for all occasions, be it a business conference or a bachelorette party. The watch faces are designed with a skeletal cutout look and have layered dials that make Fastrack Automatics an essential addition to your outfits. All girls’ watches are priced at Rs 8,995.

“Fastrack’s new automatic watch collection is here! These full skeletal look watches are both stylish and high-performing, making them perfect for the fashion-savvy young consumers. These bold and contemporary watches are sure to turn heads since they’re available at unmatched prices,” Ajay Maurya, Marketing Head, Fastrack, said.

Starting at Rs 8,995, the automatic watch collection is now available at all Fastrack stores, Titan World stores,, along with large format stores, exclusive authorised dealers, and Myntra, the Fastrack’s exclusive online partner

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