This Is The Part Of The Female Body Men Think Is The Sexiest

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While for many of us, hitting the gym is to make ourselves feel healthy and fit, rather than more attractive to the opposite sex, it’s still pretty interesting to find out exactly which part of the female body men are the most attracted to, and vice versa. surveyed over 2,000 people as part of a new study, to find out what body part and shape each sex considered the most attractive in a potential partner.

Given the options of body type categories ‘average’, ‘muscular’, ‘curvy’, ‘thin’ and ‘other’, 48 percent of straight men chose ‘curvy’ women, while 24.1 percent went for ‘average’, 22.4 percent liked ‘thin’, and only 3.8 percent said ‘muscular’. Straight women in the survey chose the option of ‘average’ bodies best with 41.7 percent and 35.8 percent choosing ‘muscular’.

Gay women also chose ‘average’ bodies, with 35.9 percent voting that way, 30.1 percent choosing ‘curvy’ and 11.2 percent preferring women with a muscular build.

While 36.1 percent of gay men preferred ‘muscular’ partners, 26.7 were after ‘average’ bodies, 18.3 percent went for ‘thin’, and 11.1 percent for ‘curvy’.

And the body part that straight men surveyed liked best on women? For the men that chose ‘average’ and ‘curvy’ women, the chest was the winner, and for men who liked thin women, the butt came in 1st place, beating the chest by half a point. Can’t say that result is very surprising (commence group eye roll).

Women found men’s arms most attractive, regardless of build, while gay women and gay men who chose ‘average’ and ‘muscular’ preferred the chest, and gay men who chose ‘thin’ body types liked the stomach best. Also, regardless of all of these body types and parts, nice eyes were the winner, hands down, for favourite facial features.

Well, that’s pretty adorable.

From: Elle Australia

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