From Mondays To Periods, These 5 Indian Female Comic Artists Talk About All Things Relatable

Female comic artists FI

There’s no tiptoeing around this, there is a pressing need for an IAA- Instagram Addicts Anonymous. All of us meet, discuss how we got to the point where we can’t tear our eyes away from the app and then share the accounts we love the most. Counter-productive, I am aware. And I might not make it through the meeting without opening the app, but I do tell myself it is because I follow accounts that are extremely inspiring. Like Indian female comic artists who make comics that speak to my very soul.

These bunch of incredibly talented women draw into comics my feelings, my pains and my passions and they do it funnily. Wow, I feel very inadequate. Anyway, here are female comic artists that you will want to follow immediately after reading this article, because I really do make a case for their talent.

Alicia Souza


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I have a distinct feeling that Alicia picks thoughts right out of my brains and makes comics out of them. From friendships, to pet love to everything in between, she’s a female comic artist that you should follow to break that pattern of reels you keep watching. She also occasionally laments Instagram’s push for videos and we think it’s all too relatable.



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Mounica is hilarious. She serves up opinions and entertainment while undoing the patriarchy and the deep-rooted body image issues that we all have. From her escapades with her family (two cutoo dogs also make their presence felt) to the things she wants to change, everything is talked about in her comics and I usually end up hitting the heart before I have even seen it. Her household comics featuring her husband, mother and two floofs are the ones I personally find the most entertaining.


Akanksha’s Instagram page is my happy place. Her page features content about happiness, success and lots of positive thoughts, all accompanied by fun illustrations. If you want to feel good about yourself on a day when you’re feeling particularly meh, doodles and drama is the female comic artist giving you the good vibes you need.


If you could only follow one female comic artist (I don’t know why this would be a thing, but if it were), then Akshara’s Happy Flufff Comics should be it. There’s no shying away from any topics here – from vaginas to sex to body positivity, this is where very conversation about bodies, society and life is normalised. People seem to flock to her account and we know why.


When I want a laugh and I seem to want a lot of those nowadays, I hop over to Christina’s account. She has comics and reels about every situation we have encountered. Like this comic where she wanted to get a dog home and her mom, well, did what moms do. Yep, been there, done that. Most of her comics are like that, and it makes me want to be friends with her at the very least and drop into her brain and rummage around at the very best.

Oh, by the way have a song that you can’t stop humming? We did a how to get rid of a earworm piece. You might want to read that. 


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