7 Female Musicians Who Use Beauty To Enhance The Visuals Of Their Music

Something that I have noticed quite often while watching aesthetically pleasing music videos by my favourite artists is that their storytelling also inspires their beauty looks. Taking a cue from Caroline Polacheck to Doja Cat, there is a section of artists whose looks are heavily influenced by the kind of music they create, which honestly is quite impressive. Whether they are performing at a live show or are just posing for an Instagram selfie, their work is reflected in the way they design their look. To round it up, here are 7 musicians who we think use makeup as a potent tool to match their art.

1. Rina Sawayama


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With a blend of sonic influences and atmospheric alt-pop singles, Rina Sawayama is popularly known not only for her music but also for her eccentric eye looks in her music videos and album covers. We are totally obsessed with those OTT eye looks; for instance the dark blue smokey eye coupled with that brow slit go well with her new single, ‘Follow Me’ feat. Pabllo Vittar.

2.  Doja Cat


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Known for her unpretentious ‘candy-coated’ music beats and her celestial album covers, Doja Cat’s makeup looks are mesmerising, to say the least! Since the drop of her album, ‘Planet Her’ in 2021, we have noticed that her makeup looks during live shows and for Instagram pictures have taken a new turn. This electric dark blue eye look is completely in sync with the colours of the album, taking her aesthetics to the next level! Something you can draw inspiration from if you really want to do an exaggerated eye look.

3. Dora Jar


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Keeping the cottagecore aesthetic in mind, a common feature that we noticed is that Dora Jar usually opts for bright colours in her makeup looks that closely represent the colours on her album art or singles. For this look, white frosted eyebrows elevate the white eyeliner on Dora’s eyelids and cheeks and was something we were instantly drawn towards!

4. FKA Twigs


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With a hint of R&B and rap in her music, FKA Twigs’ rhinestone cry-eye look became iconic after the release of her single, ‘Tears In The Club’. Being an ardent follower of her and music, the first thing I thought of when I saw the look was Zendaya’s glitter eye makeup in Euphoria season 1. The use of rhinestones, instead of glitter, was a total win for me!

5. Mazie


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A gorgeous colour block moment with techy beats is a fail-proof combo! With singles like, ‘I think I wanna be alone” and ‘People Don’t Change’, Mazie’s colour palette comprises bright summer colours, falling in sync with the aesthetic that she has developed for herself. With this bright yellow eyeshadow look, I noticed that it’s very similar to the cover art of her single, ‘People Don’t Change’ which was quite fascinating.

6. Alexa Demie


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With only two songs out on her discography and a love for beauty practically in her blood since her mother was a makeup artist, Alexa Demie’s artistic direction is strong even in her makeup looks in addition to her music. When it comes to this specific look, we quickly picked on how it is an exact representation of her song, ‘Leopard Limo (Archive LL11). Not going to lie, we have been obsessing over this leopard eye print since the release of her single in 2021! 

7. Priya Ragu


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You can never go wrong with an electric blue eyeliner and vibrant electric beats. Priya Ragu’s coloured graphic liner matched the cover art of her recent single, ‘Illuminious’ perfectly. However, we also did notice that she taps into her South-East Asian quite often to come up with extremely striking eclectic makeup looks that you have probably never seen before!

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