5 Untold Reasons You Need the Iconic Settanta Jacket from This Italian Brand Now!

Settanta Jacket

The fashion trend cycle is merciless. Amidst the flurry of fads and never-ending commentary on what’s in and what’s passé, only a few designs and iconic pieces manage to stand the test of time. Enter the iconic Settanta Jacket by FILA, a brand that’s widely loved in most Indian households. Maybe it’s the make, maybe it’s the versatility. Whatever may be the reason for its continual dominance, the Settanta Jacket continues to emerge as the star of FILA’s athleisure lineup.

While there’s certainly an increased emphasis on the reinvention aspect, this jacket, which has served as a bridge between the worlds of tennis and fashion since its introduction in 1976, could rightfully gloat about its ability to retain the original charm. And now, FILA has revealed its latest campaign, one which honours the legendary Settanta jacket and features Hailey Bieber. The supermodel, famed for her easy elegance and global impact, fronts the campaign, adding her very own twist to the Settanta’s already rich legacy. So, here’s why we think FILA’s new Settanta drop warrants a place in your wardrobe:

1. Old Money Aesthetic

The moodboard seems to gravitate towards a more minimal and cleaner palette and borrows heavily from the quiet luxury and old money mandate. Fashion forecasts have deemed these aesthetics as the ‘IT’ trends of the season, and safe to conclude, the Settanta design follows suit.

2. Refined Athleisure Is In

The sporty undercurrent is not overshadowed by boring and monotone designs, there is a refreshing take on subtlety as well as reinvention with the all new Settanta Jacket. No harsh lines and glaring colours, otherwise associated with usual sportswear pieces.

3. Androgyny Done Right

Be it the palette or cut of the silhouette, accommodations have been made to pander to all genders, because let’s face it, fashion has no rules. That’s design mastery for you. Cardio? Sweat it out wearing the iconic Settanta jacket. Meeting your beau post the sweaty session? Watch him ace his fit with your very own Settanta jacket. *Disclaimer* he might pull it off better, you never know!

4. AM To PM Appeal

From grocery runs to an evening with friends at the local pub, the jacket will easily fit into your schedule, making it easy to plan the rest of your ensemble sans dreading the ‘what do I wear’ question. Phew, this one is a saviour.

5. A+ For Comfort

The make of the jacket offers plenty of room for easy mobility and is crafted out of their finest materials, in true FILA fashion. Comfort is the premier pillar to adhere to, when yearning to stay stylish. This one surely gets a A+

The campaign features the famous jacket in a variety of incarnations, infusing FILA’s Italian craftsmanship. “The Settanta is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a symbol of FILA’s enduring legacy in sports and fashion,” stated Todd Klein, FILA’s Global Brand President. “Hailey Bieber’s portrayal of the jacket highlights its timeless appeal, making her an integral part of this moment for the brand.” The supermodel was also quoted saying, “It’s exciting to represent a brand with such a rich heritage. This collection reimagines the legendary Settanta, and I’m excited to help bring it to a new generation.”

The launch features a variety of styles from the leading sport, leisure footwear and apparel brand that highlight the Settanta jacket’s characteristic design, which includes signature stripes. Each piece intends to honour the brand’s past while also anticipating the future of fashion. Talk about staying relevant and growing organically at the same time. Not an easy task in the cutthroat industry, if you ask us.

The collection will be available in India starting April 15, at select Fila EBOs and online at fila.co.in, featuring select styles worn by Hailey Bieber throughout the campaign.

- Digital Fashion Writer


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