Asia’s First Ellie Workshop by PETA India hosted by JBCN International School in Mumbai

PETA India

In an unprecedented move that tugs at heartstrings, Mumbai’s JBCN International School hosted the first-ever ‘Ellie’ workshop in Asia, paving the way for a compassionate revolution. This awe-inspiring animatronic elephant – Ellie, crafted by PETA India, embarked on a remarkable expedition across India, aiming to foster empathy and raise awareness about elephant conservation in their natural habitat.

Captivating young minds and nurturing empathy in the hearts of primary school learners, Ellie made her grand entrance into the school’s Chembur campus. This extraordinary initiative, brought to life by PETA India, aspires to empower a generation of compassionate citizens who will actively safeguard and advocate for the well-being of elephants in their home environment.

PETA India

The Tale of Ellie

With blinking eyes, flapping ears, and a graceful trunk, Ellie came to life, capturing the imagination of everyone in attendance. Through a heartwarming story, this adorable animatronic elephant showcased the intelligence, social behaviour, and deep emotions of elephants. Wide-eyed and spellbound, the young students delved into Ellie’s world, learning about the struggles elephants face in captivity, circuses, and heavy labour. Her story shed light on the cruel practices that exploit these majestic creatures, exposing the chains and beatings used to subdue them.

Ellie’s enthralling tale was narrated by none other than the illustrious Dia Mirza who is the UN Secretary-General Advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals, and UN Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador. With her charming voice, Dia breathed life into Ellie, captivating the attention of every child in the workshop. Curiosity filled the air as they embarked on a one-of-a-kind adventure, guided by thought-provoking questions from the PETA India team.

PETA India

Empathy Blossoms through Education

This school kept things interesting in this interactive workshop allowing students to engage directly with Ellie. This hands-on experience helped them understand how important it is to let elephants roam freely in their natural environment. The Managing Director of JBCN International School, Mr. Kunal Dalal, expressed his pride in hosting this first-ever Ellie workshop as it seamlessly aligns with the school’s vision of nurturing kindness and empathy towards all living beings. Moreover, Ellie’s message of compassion has been disseminated with elegance and grace across four prominent JBCN campuses.

Meenakshi Narang, Senior Education Coordinator, also emphasized the profound mission of Ellie to travel to schools across India, as her journey inspires kinder choices, not just towards animals but also towards one another and the planet we share.

PETA India

Through transformative initiatives like the Ellie workshop, PETA India and JBCN International School forge a path toward a brighter, more compassionate future – a world where empathy reigns supreme, inspiring generations to protect and cherish all living beings. Together, they unravel the magic of compassion, weaving it into the very fabric of society.

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