7 Flower-Infused Hair Care Products To Indulge In For That Sweetly-Scented Mane

Flower-infused Hair Care

Nature has always been a source of inspiration, especially in beauty where herbs, plants, and flowers are extensively used to provide targeted solutions for skin and hair care. Flowers, especially, have many hair care benefits. There are many that contain mild-yet-potent ingredients which can stimulate hair growth and cleanse the scalp. With a rise in the number of people looking for natural beauty products, here’s a list of flower-infused hair care products that you can try for the voluminous and lustrous mane.


The jasmine oil, apart from having a natural fragrance, acts as an emollient to lock in moisture in the hair. Though it can be used by all hair types, jasmine-infused products are especially recommended for curly hair to tame frizz. In addition to that, jasmine oil is also recommended for chemically-treated hair to treat the dryness caused due to chemicals.

Flower infused haircare

Try Nature Therapy Jasmine After Bath hair oil for nourished hair.


Hibiscus is widely used in hair care products. Its leaves and flowers- that act as a natural conditioner for dull and damaged hair – have been used in traditional Ayurvedic products for their natural healing properties. The antioxidants and vitamins present in Hibiscus help in producing melanin which gives the hair its natural colour and prevents greying of hair. 

Flower-infused Hair Care

Try Soul Tree Hibiscus shampoo and conditioner for cleansing and nourishing your hair.


Rose contains ingredients that help in treating damaged hair and dry scalp. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, rose is beneficial in treating scalp conditions like eczema and psoriasis and relieving scalp irritation. Rich in antioxidants, rose water when added to shampoos or conditioners can tame frizzy hair while locking in moisture. Its lingering fragrance is an added advantage. 

Flower-infused Hair Care

Try Kérastase Rose Elixir Ultime for frizz control.

White Lily

White lilies are known for reviving hair and adding thickness to it. The flower helps in treating scalp inflammation while conditioning and renewing hair strands. This flower helps strengthen hair follicles, treat hair loss, and give a fuller mane with a sweet fragrance. 

Flower-infused Hair Care

Try Just Herbs Kumuda hair conditioner for fighting hair thinning.


From the dainty family of daisies, Arnica has antiseptic properties and is used in hair care products for scalp rejuvenation and as growth stimulants. In fact, Arnica oil infuses protein into the hair that helps in reducing the split ends and strengthening hair follicles. 

Flower-infused Hair Care

Try The Earth Collective Arnica hair serum for protecting hair against pollution.


There are proven studies about lavender oil’s benefits for hair. It can help with issues like alopecia and pattern baldness. With antimicrobial properties, it prevents scalp infections and soothes inflammation. A hair serum with lavender oil can be used in a daily hair care routine to bring dull and damaged hair back to life.

Flower-infused Hair Care

Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil and Lavender shampoo for taming the frizzy mane.


A rich source of zinc, vitamin A, and iron, all of which are essential for hair growth, moringa is known to stimulate hair growth. Keratin – an essential protein required for hair growth – requires amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that are present in moringa. Looking to add volume to your hair? Include moringa oil in your routine but make sure to patch test if it suits your scalp type. 

Flower-infused Hair Care

Try The Body Shop Moringa shampoo for radiant and shiny tresses.

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