Food Thirst Trap Videos Are All Over My Social Media And I Don’t Have The Slightest Clue Why

Food thirst trap

If doomscrolling on the gram happens to be your favourite past time, there’s no way you’ve missed out on the overtly suggestive, food thirst trap videos that leave most of us squirming in our seats. The premise operates on a pattern basis – a semi-clad, conventionally attractive (quite often shirtless) home chef luring you in, under the pretence of subjecting you to a fantastical culinary voyage. Or so you think. Hah.


Enter a montage of a grapefruit being aggressively fingered, and worse, spit on. Don’t forget the unsuspecting piece of dough being manhandled and smacked into another dimension. And the views on these food thirst trap videos? Superabundant. Bountiful. Alarming? Awkward?!

Disclaimer: If you like such content, I’m not judging you. It’s a free world. I myself can’t do without my daily dose of cringe content. It’s certainly away from this food hoo-ha but if my recently watched analytics would be made open to public, I’m sure you’d be concerned for my wellbeing. It’s somewhat a routine at this point. But my question still persists, why violate food? Why spank the mixing bowl like it’s your archaic TV set that refuses to catch the signal without a hostile prod?

The internet is seemingly divided, with some assertively furthering their devotion for these food thirst traps, while some are visibly perturbed. It’s me, hi. I’m perturbed. Look, we get it. Internet clout is THE currency to posses in today’s day and age. If it’s getting views, you’re winning at life.

But what’s irking a substantial lot is their half-baked and to quite an extent, flawed understanding of how a viewer (women here, mostly) is titillated. There are literal shots of the chef licking the doughnut hole dripping in glaze and I’m just sitting, wondering how has the human race reached this point? I just wanted the recipe guys. Too big an ask? Pfft.

The Seductive Appeal Of Food


Up till now, I may have sounded like a hater, butting in with her headstrong agenda of smearing every food thirst trap creator there is, but I do see where they’re coming from. Food and seduction go hand in hand. They’ve been historically linked for as long as one can imagine and then there’s talk of aphrodisiacs. Chocolates, pistachio, cinnamon and the likes. But have you ever seen women, who’ve traditionally supervised kitchens for centuries, put forth an ostentatious furore of this degree? Hmmm.

Men Cooking – An Enigma Starring In Theatres Nearby


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Traditional gender roles have kept men away from the kitchen for generations. Do I want to play spoilsport and discourage the countable few dabbling in the world of spatulas and tongs? Absolutely not. Please cook. Kindly cherish the above image of a cake baked by heartthrob Henry Cavill. Men cooking as is, without tonguing the fruit is good. Great even. But maybe do away with the clickbaity, vexingly provocative shots? You’ll be surprised to see how many of us will watch a simple, aesthetically pleasing recipe video minus the frills. But again, to each their own. If you like food porn being taken quite literally, you’re valid too.

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