Do Foot Peels Deliver On The Claims of Soft and Smooth Heels? We Investigate

Maintaining the health of the feet needs commitment. The skin at the bottom of the feet is thicker and since we stand or walk most of the time, it sheds less frequently due to the pressure. Less shedding of the skin and friction cause callous build-up which gets painful after a while. It also makes the regular moisturising creams harder to penetrate and hydrate the skin. The recent innovative product, foot peels, has taken the market by storm and here’s what you need to know about it.

Foot Peels And Everything You Need To Know About It

What Are Foot Peels?


Foot peels are a form of chemical exfoliation done with a jelly-like mixture of exfoliating ingredients, mainly alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid or lactic acid. Within a few days of application, dead skin sheds to reveal the new skin underneath. “Foot Peels are these socks that contain exfoliating actives, like AHA’s and BHA, along with some soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients that work into your feet, resulting in some peeling action over the next few days,” says Dr Meghna Gupta, founder and dermatologist, Delhi Skin Centre. There are two main types of foot peels you can opt for: the one that exfoliates and dissolves dead skin cells on the feet and the other that infuses moisture to make feet softer.

Are Foot Peels Safe?

The majority of popular foot peels claim to be made with gentle, natural ingredients. But these also contain stronger ingredients to help with the peeling process. One of the crucial things to know about doing foot peels is that these don’t show results on the same day but might take a couple of days to start seeing the shedding of the skin.

Foot Peel Process

If you are just trying to tackle the dryness or roughness of your feet, then foot peels are safe. If you have a history of diabetes, open wounds or are pregnant, you should hold off the treatment until you speak to your doctor. “Anything overdone can give you an allergy or burning sensation if you overdo the percentages of the solution, overkeep the solution or use it more frequently,” says Dr Soma Sarkar, founder of Dr Soma’s Aesthetic Clinic.

When To Do A Foot Peel?


It can be added to your daily routine. “The best way of using the foot peels is once a month,” says Dr Soma. It can be a little annoying to wear socks almost full time for the week of the skin shedding (which is painless, by the way). But it’s also a perfect point to incorporate more proper foot care measures into your regimen to prevent the buildup of calluses, cracks, and odorous bacteria. Dr Meghna Gupta recommends using sunscreen to protect your feet after the treatment.

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